Saturday, March 15, 2008

3/15/08 10:45 pm still Saturday YIPEE!!

Happy Birthday Uncle Danny (from Will)
Hey good news, HE'S OFF THE VENT. YEA!!!!!!!! Will feels good even though he's tired, so tired. It came out pretty easy and then there was this great smile on Will's face. The drs. that were watching were amazed that he could smile after all that pain. But he has pepsi on his mind.

So we moved up to fourth floor tonight and we were put into our new room #7, Lucky seven, right Randy. They are a lot older and smaller rooms but that's okay. They are more strict than surgical intensive care unit. They don't let people stay the night-you have to leave by 10:30 pm and can't come back until 8:30 am. So after Tom and I set them straight, one of us will be staying with Will until he's not so critical. Silly rules! We waited all day to move, they didn't have any beds. But once we were here they started the tests and then tonight-out came the vent. Thank our good Lord, I don't think Will could have stood it one more day. Now his real workout will start.

Tomorrow, they will do a swallow test and try to put in a picline so Will can get the other two iv ports out of his upper thigh area (I was going to say groin area, but I don't think Will wants me to say that on this blog :) Then he will be able to get up and walk and he's ready to do that soon.
So things are on the upswing again. While he was getting ready to get the vent out, I read him some of the blog comments. He loves them so keep them coming when you can. We miss all of you and hope we will see you soon.

This was an exhausting move on all of us, we hated to leave our wonderful friends down on second floor. They literally saved Will's life more than once. I want to do something special for them and when I was saying to them my heartfelt thanks, all they said they needed was to have us bring Will by when he gets out of the hospital. We will do that for sure and they will be surprised how he looks normally. I know this new floor will bring us new friends as well.

Will's grandma and grandpa from Boise came up to spend some time with Will. Grandma spent many hours rubbing Will's feet and head. He is going to come out of this oweing so many massages.

I will write tomorrow and let you know about our new digs.
God's blessing on all of you.


mhawk1999 said...

Hey Will,
Nobody commented on this comment so I decided that I would! :) Glad to hear that you you got off the vent. I hope that the pepsi tasted good! I am sure that it did. Well I better get back to work before anyone shows up to check to make sure that I'm working! ;) So I just wanted to drop in and say hi. And Hello to you Terri and Tom!

Somer Love said...

Woop Woop!!! The vent is OUT!!!!!!!! now get some rest that includes you to Tom and Teri :) I hope the pic line goes in smoothly so you can get up and start walking again. I am back on the hunt for some tap shoes. I am really having a hard time finding them in your size tho. Maybe when I bust out I will hit Mall madness :)

Brenda said...

Randy called last night to say the vent came out, but you made it more fun to read. We all know that Will is a hero, but you and Tom are right up there with him. I don't know how you keep your sense of humor and ability to keep going. You say that you are blessed to have Will as your son and I know that is true, but Will is very blessed also in having two parents like you guys. Thanks!!

Haneys said...

Good Morning! Glad to see that the transfer went alright and that you set them straight about visiting hours...silly rules:) We are so excited the vent is out!! Hip, Hip HOORAY!! We trust you are breaking the staff of the new floor in well and will keep posted on that. Those are sure to be GREAT stories;)
God be with you!
MaeDawn, Arron & Roo

jo said...

Great news about the vent!! Now comes the have to give the body time time to heal so don't push too hard. I know you are into the March Madness so I will let you know that UCLA will take it all..LOL I think about you all the time and am in awe of your entire family..Let me know if I need to bring some squirt guns up..Thanks Teri and Tom for keeping us posted. Love ya all and give each other hugs and kisses!!! Love, Jo

Adarose said...

Hi, Will! Congratulations on your move and getting rid of the vent! You don't know me but I knew your Dad when he was quite young. Could probably tell you some stories, but I won't! Oh, well, wouldn't be anything you could hold over his head anyway because he was a really good kid! Shy. Were you a shy litle boy? Didn't know your Mom - - but I went to high school with her Dad! I now feel I know her and the rest of your family through this blog. She does such an awesome job. You have all touched our hearts and minds. First thing in the a.m. and last thing at night, as well as every time I go by the computer,have to check to see how Will is doing. No wonder the blog hit numbers are so big! We are all true-blue Harbison fans! I look forward to hearing you are up and out of that wonderful, frustrating place you are at now. My prayers and best wishes to all of you!
Ada Rose

suzanne said...

Teri, Will, and family;
So glad to see that things are on the up and up! Keep improving, Will! We're in Arkansas checking up on my mother-in-law. We've seen more rain in the past 2 days than i think I've ever seen at one time! It's been a nice spring break though. Our prayers are with you daily. Love from Suzanne