Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday 2/10/08 5:26 AM

It's Monday already. The big doctors are all back today although his main specialist came in Sat. and Sun. just to check on Will. She said next weekend she probably won't feel the need, but right now she wants to be on top of things with him. That makes us feel better.

This wasn't as good as day as Saturday was. He was in more pain so he took more pills so he didn't walk or exercise as much because he slept the day away. Dr. Cahill, his main doc, said to expect days like this. Speaking of sleeping, once Angel and Aaron left this afternoon, I decided I needed some good sleep. Tom took over and I went back to the apt and slept, didn't wake up until midnight. Wow, can't remember when I slept 7 hours. I usually only need about 5 hours normally. It's so nice to be able to do that, knowing that Will will be taken care of while I slept. His dad is a good man, I'm blessed that I picked a good one there.

Will's xray showed more junk. Now they are calling it pneumonia (again spelling doesn't count) so they are really working on the left lung a lot to get that junk out of there. His body is still not getting rid of the excess fluid because the kidneys are tired. He still is quite swollen in his arms and legs although I can see some improvement there. He only had one walk today but he went twice as far (with his sister goading him on, she can be mean). Aaron shaved him before he left and he said it made him feel five pounds lighter. And in his spare time he's listening to his ipod a lot and Iread his comments from here. We haven't heard yet if he gets to move out of this unit today or not.
Will isn't getting his nutrition that he needs, so Aaron suggested that I make him some protein milkshakes, so today I will go buy a blender and try that. I bet that will make all the difference. We don't really want to put another feeding tube in if we can help it.

I hope everybody's Monday is a good one. Ours will be, I'm sure. Thanks again for all your concern and prayers.


~B~ said...

What about one of those world-famous shakes he took us to get? I'm pretty sure I gained about 10 pounds sharing the 'minnie.' I bet that would do the trick!

Mel said...

Hi Sport. Don't let the time change set you back. It's Spring forward. Keep up the good work. Coby & Pace still talk about the good time we had when we all went fishing. You didn't get to see that big catfish you caught because you were having to pull back so hard. When you pulled it to the surface the mouth was a foot wide-the whiskers had to be 3 ft long. You had those men that were looking over the edge envious. I wish you could have seen the fish that broke that line. What a fisherman. Also fishing for croppy (sp) off the dock was memorable also. It is a memory that will stay in our minds along time. It was our first attempt a non-desert fishing. I have a printed copy of this blog I've been updating for everyone here that don't get on the computer much. Terry, Tom, Aaron-Angel, Will & God, You are an awesome team! Culleys

Anonymous said...

Good morning Terri, Will and Tom from the Osborne household!
You know Terri your post makes me smile because it makes me realize how God gives us mothers the strength and endurance to pull all-nighters with our babies- no matter what age they are. Isn't God good?!
I want to share with you one of my favorite scriptures in times of trial:
Deuteronomy 31:8
Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you.

God bless you guys. We love you and are still prayer for you!

In His precious hands,
Megan, Curt and Tyler

lihiatt said...

good morning will, teri and tom,,,,hope this day brings bright smiles,,,,,,,,,,,,hope the pain has lessend for you will,,,,,,,,,,,,,am glad that aaron got to shave your sweet face and that it made you feel better,,,,,,,,,,am so happy to hear that you got a good sleep teri,,,and yes,,,,,,you are truly blessed with a husband that is truly your helpmate,,,,,,,,,,,,,we are praying still,,,and will continue to pray for all of you,,,,,,,,,,love ,,,the hiatts

Mindy Lou said...

What amazing improvements Will! I'm glad that Angel was pushing ya so hard and I'm sure you are contemplating how to pay her back. LOL

So, an update here... Breanna cut her first tooth a week ago and is working on the second one! She's only 5 months and it caught me off guard...but, it's exciting too. She is getting big and sassy, way too much of her father's personality. :)

I hope you have a great day on the "farm"! We love you guys and our prayers are with you all!

Shelly said...

Hi Will! So glad your Mom does such a good job on the blog. Feels like we're there. Our family talks about you often and the girls always talk about "Coach Will" when they watch the sign language dvd you gave them.
Always in our prayers! Have a great day.

Bina said...

Hey Will. So I got out an old book of mine written by John Wooden (I have a hunch you've either read it or own it... actually, probably both)and it made me think of you. He talks about his pyramid of success and how the the triangle on the very top, above competitive greatness is divided into patience and faith. He calls it the "mortar" keeping everything else under it in place. He says, "Patience is a virtue in preparing for any task of significance. It takes time to create excellence." and regarding faith he states, "... we must also have faith that things will work out as they should." Funny how basketball can apply so much to life, and how life can apply so much to basketball. just a little food for thought. Be patient, have faith, I know soon enough those lungs of yours will be doing excellent! Love you all very much! Bina

Judy said...

Harbison's - I have been reading everyday your super blog. I LOVE IT!!! It is so good to read about all of Will's progress - you are such an fighter - KEEP IT UP. Just to let you know your are in our thoughts all the time and in our prayers. Take care. Love, Judy and Layne

Christine said...

Ok so I finally decided to create an account so I could write something. I think about you all everyday. Tell Will that he is the most amazing person I know. Well except for my mom. Haha. Keep up the good work! We are all praying for you on 2 East!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Will and Family
Hopefully those protein shakes help! Not sure if you like yogurt Will but Stonyfield yogurt is suppose to be really, really good for you. When Jesalyn was underweight they told us to give it to her twice a day! It contains L. Acidophilus which is suppose to be really great for you. I don't give anything else to the kids. Terri it could go right in those shakes!
Jesalyn's 5th birthday is Friday! No I can't believe it!!! She is SO excited! Because of our crazy teachers schedule I did a lot of prep work this weekend (goodie bags, pinata, etc.) Wish you all could be here, we rented a large obstacle course (yes for the adults). LOL Willie we could get you a lot of exercise on it! With those new lungs you probably would beat us all.
Lots of hugs and kisses all around! Know we are all thinking and praying for you all here. Terri glad you got a good sleep! Is there an address for us to send you pictures and goodies?

Tanya said...

I am praying for you and am thnking of you often my friend.. I love milk shakes so I bet you will find a flavor that you like too..
Oh and Terri I am not in the hospital there is another cf that has the same last name..
Love all of you!!!