Thursday, March 27, 2008

3/27/08 Thursday 5:20 am

It's going to be a good Thursday, I feel it. Will had a little rough day yesterday. He had to have another couple of units of blood, but it really helped. And because his blood pressure wasn't leveling off, they needed to hold back on the pain and sleep meds. Well, needless to say, without sleep, Will doesn't do too well. So his numbers started to drop and his breathing was getting more labored. Then they said what they needed to work on the most was getting him some rest. Now is the time to say it: "DUH" So they have been letting him sleep tonight, well as much as you can in ICU. His sugars did bottom out at 26 so they had to give him a whole bunch of glucose (sugar) into his veins. We're not sure why any of this happened but it should turn around with all the things the drs. are doing. We got the results of his dobbler test (ultrasound) and he doesn't have any more clots except for the one in his neck. It is still about the same size and shape. That is good news

Tom did some of his moving exercises with Will. Tom stays pretty much all his waking time up here also. We feel better when we are watching everything. It keeps the drs. on their toes also. Not that they aren't already. They are really, really good here. Will is very lucky to have a dad like Tom, not many dads could spend so much time in this little room.

We have had a lot more hits on this blog after the news show. There was one that sent me an email instead of a comment. He said something I want to share. He said, "I am amazed at the spirit of people with CF. They all teach us how life is supposed to be lived." He is married to a woman with Cf who is turning 45 in July. Doesn't that sound about right?
Then another man who has had a transplant eight years ago. He gave us such words of encouragement. I can't wait to share them with Will when he really wakes up.

God is really touching our lives in so many wonderful ways. I can't say it enough, the support we get from all of you is how we all keep going. You make us stronger with your prayers and your motivational comments. God is working overtime here. He is an awesome God.
I don't know what today will bring, I think the drs. will round this morning and decided if they just need to let him rest some more.

Oh, and our niece is having her baby boy today. What a wonderful day to have a baby. Will can't wait. Good luck Billie and Matt. We love you and can't wait to hear from you.

God Bless all of you wonderful people.


Mason & Suzy said...

Some friends of mine in SLC saw the news broadcast and called to ask if it was the same family I'd told them about. They are following this blog now and find it so wonderful!
I'm so glad people are taking the time to send words of encouragement. Especially those that can truly relate.
Sending you positive Thursday vibes! And congrats on a new baby in the family! Life is wonderful!

careysue said...

Still saying prayers for Will and your entire family. If feels like a great Thursday here as well!

BreathinSteven said...

Hey Mom...

I hope it's a good Thursday -- Will and all of you are in my prayers...

I too liked the comment, "I am amazed at the spirit of people with CF. They all teach us how life is supposed to be lived..." I'm guessing that Will is very much like this - so many CF people I've met seem to have a vivid awareness of how precious life is, and how precious the people around us truly are... Maybe it's because at an early age we understand we're not invincible - we understand that life ends... For some of us, when we get over the fear, it allows us to savor what we have...

I see the people surrounding Will who so obviously love him -- it reminds me of an early expirience with a social worker... My doc used to send me to one when he saw my health dipping because of stress at home or work or wherever... I remember she asked me, "If you had the chance to do it all over again -- to be reborn -- would you take the CF, or be healthy?"

I think she was taken aback at how quickly I told her I would take the CF and take my chances... I explained to her that all of my life the people around me have made me feel special -- I've experienced more love and caring in 20 years than most people experience in 90 years... At the time -- and even now -- that seemed worth any suffering from the CF... I know that doesn't happen to everyone, but when it does, and if you're lucky enough to realize that, and appreciate that -- life can be pretty good...

I'm the one you mentioned with eight years with precious, new lungs under my belt... I'm looking forward to hearing when Will's adventures outshine some of the amazing adventures I've had... He's got so very much to look forward to... The ability to breathe with "real" lungs just can't be appreciated until you've struggled for 34, or 39 years with crappy lungs... Take good care of him...



Steve Ferkau
Chicago, IL

Jessica said...

Hey Terri, Will and Tom,
Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you! Miss and love you lots.
I'm amazed! Keep up the great work and Tom we all know what a great dad you are too. (I know it seems like we keep talking about Will's mom! lol) You are all wonderful people and I'm so glad to have you in our lives!

Grandpa and Grammy said...
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Grandpa and Grammy said...

When Will was born in Elko, he was a sickly child and when we found out what was wrong we were devastated. How could God place such a burden on this young couple so early in their married life? HOW WRONG WE WERE! We have never been in a home with more love, warmth, laughter, and serenity. It goes out into the community and everywhere they touch people's lives. We have finally figured it out...God looked down on this young couple and said, "I am going to give them someone very special and his name is Will and he will teach everyone around him what true determination is, what real courage is, and what true love is all about." Well, Will is doing his job. There is no one who ever knew or even came in touch with him who doesn't come away a better person. Thank you, Will.

Stephanie C. said...

Hello! I just wanted to say hi, and let you know we are still thinking about you. Unfortunately, you are missing out on P/T Conferences today and tomorrow...(wink - wink)!!! I wanted to let you know that I let my class watch the video clip of you, and they loved it. They were so excited to see you and the pictures of Willie. I better get back to work, so keep smiling and take care!


Warren&Nancy said...

Hi Harbison's
It's that old mean bus driver again
Warren and I are rooting and praying for you. I expect to see you in Hagerman the next time we come down. I think of you as one
of my many kids. Hang in there as I know you will.

Mindy Lou said...

Grandpa and Grammy have it exactly right. Every word rings true. Willie, you are touching lives clear across the USA!!! Who knew....

Terri, when you get home we need to do some talking about a swim-a-thon in honor of Will's new lungs.

I'm so proud to be one of the many that can call the Harbison's family. They have soooo many "children", "brothers", "sisters", "grandchildren", and other endless "family" members that have been touched.

Willie, you better start your training for you long long walk from the freeway... we'll be sure and bring the 4-wheeler up so you can catch a ride instead!!! LOL

We love you all and are praying for you every day! And congrats on the new baby! Love Mark, Mindy, & Bre

Donna said...

Just wanted to let you know that I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. Each and every morning when I get up and get my coffee I have my daily devotions and pray for all of you. Terri, I feel like you're listening as I know you are still awake and going strong at that time of day (about 5:30 a.m.) I am so looking forward to seeing all of you in a couple of weeks when I come down for the National Math Conference in Salt Lake. Terri, you are going to go to some presentations with my name tag because Will is going to be much better by then. I will be bringing meatloaf, Tom! I know you both are craving a homecooked meal, so I will bring something for Terri too. Will, I will have artichokes and chocalate covered marshmallow treats (I promise I didn't make them)for you! Take care and I love you guys! Donna

Steph T. said...

Hello Salt Lake Cityites! I am pretty sure that I didn't spell that word correct! :) Teri, We are having Parent Teacher Conferences today and I could sure use some of your laughter to wake me up. It has been a long day! :) I started your video clip this morning and as soon as the kids heard your voice, they ran over to my computer to watch and listen to you. One thought your hair was blonder :) another noticed your fingernails were short, but they all loved hearing your voice. You hang in there! We love you and miss you here. I love your blog! It has touched me in such a spiritual and loving way. I thank you for reintroducing me to that feeling of love and miracles when I think about how awesome our God is. I know that you all have touched so many people and have made such a difference in their lives.
Love you all!