Saturday, March 15, 2008

3/15/08 Sat. 9:30 am

Even though I already blogged this am I need to update. Will is going to be dismissed from this floor, surgical intensive care. He will then be admitted to Medical intensive care. It's on the fourth floor. If he handles the move without too much problems, then they might take the tests again to see if he can get off vent this evening. We are a little nervous about moving floors. They are still as strict up on that intesive care unit as the one we are on now. But these nurses have already been trained by Will, now we have to start over and work on this new batch of nurses.
Will update later when we get moved.


Juli said...

Will, Terri, and Tom, Hang in there with the move...I remember how intense changes can be...we will all send extra prayers for a smooth transition...and hope the vent can go sooner than later!! Juli ....still snowing!!

Haneys said...

Keep up the hard work~ but balance with rest, Will, even if it's frustrating! We love you and are praying for your safe transfer...try not to be too hard on the new nurses. It's probably quite an adjustment for them to meet someone as amazing and resilient as yourself, but in time, you'll get them trained:)
We love, love, love you and will be keeping posted!
P.S. Arron says "hi" and that he's praying too (which is a lot for him!)He says he "wishes you the best of luck and that he can't wait to see you again". We love you!

Katie Lardy said...

Hi Will,
Would you like me to prepare a training manual for the new nurses?
Good luck with the floor change and transition. Perhaps they're just changing up their 1 on 1 defense to a zone to see how your offense adjusts.
Just take it one game at a time. Every coach has to reflect and adjust (rest) between games.

I have to share a story which relates back to the "NCAA" comment that my mom shared on the last posting.
Ever since Paul met my mom, he has been impressed with her genuine interest in, and knowledge of, sports and basketball in particular.
They've had many conversations on the topic. So I shared with him today that she was right in there on the blog providing suggestions for websites for keeping up with NCAA March Madness. And he said, "that sounds about right".
I'm so proud. :) Go Mom!

Hello and Hugs to Tom and Terri.

Paul and I are sending our love and prayers your way.
All our best,
Katie and Paul

Mel said...

Your doctors have your best interest at heart. They must feel your ready for the next step- which is a good thing. Maybe someone else is due to receive a blessed call of hope & the bed is now needed. Will, you just keep up the good work & sometimes it helps to rest & let yourself heal. Sounds like you've got a good team there. You and your family are in our thoughts and our prayers.-Culleys

Donna said...

I have written about five of these messages without sending any of them successfully, so hopefully, this one will get through (isn't technology wonderful-cuz I'm sure its not my fault!!!) Anyway, Randy will call later with the March Madness tournament info. for you, Will. Also, now that I am finished with Middle School AD stuff for a while and I'm on Spring Break, I have a little more time to bring a home-cooked meal down to you (ha, ha). For those of you who don't know the story behind this comment, Will claims that the last time I cooked for him he had to go into the hospital. The only meal I get to cook for him now comes from Pizza Hut. Randy thinks your doctor needs to hook you up to a Pepsi IV and that should help get the vent out sooner. We keep praying for all of you and hope to see you soon. Take care, Donna

Coach said...

Will, I have no idea what your Mother is thinking !!!!! Obviously she isn't. If she needs info on the tournament all she has to do is ask you where to look. You are the Master of march madness. I hope you get the vent out today so you can get up and start walking and getting away from your Mother for a while. That has to be tough spending that much time with her. We both know how tough it was spending all that time with Donna during the season. (especially Valentines day when someone forgot to send flowers.I think that is the only time she ever yelled at you)
I'm looking forward to our visit, soon I hope.

Somer Love said...

March Madness??? I use to play a game when I was 10 called mall madness :) I know that March madness has something to do with a LOT of basketball and brackets and everything, but I don't really get into it tho until its down to the final 4. Call me crazy but mall madness is more my thing :)

Will Great job on all your hard work over there. Remember tho try not to show off!! I am SO proud of you and am sending you lots of prayers and great thoughts! I hope the vent comes out soon so you can get some PEPSI!
Lots of hearts!!!!

KP said...

Hi Will, Terri & Tom!

Ok Will, the only thing you need to know for the tourney is MEMPHIS ALL THE WAY!!! This is definitely their year. Well then again, UNC is really tough, but UCLA is looking pretty good too. I guess we shouldn't overlook Duke, but what about Tennessee? They are very good and they do have the best uniforms with that pretty orange color. And what girl wouldn't want a coach with the last name of maybe it's Tennessee's year. Oh, I give up! I guess I will be flipping a coin with each game again this year!Gotta love the madness!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I would send another Fletch quote your way...

Pathologist: "Ever seen a spleen that large?"
Fletch: "No, not since breakfast."

Hey, I don't know what Dawn was talking about on her comment. We would never have tried to do anything like that to her. We were more into water fights!!!

Have a good evening, Will!

The four KPs

Anonymous said...

You are all in our thoughts and prayers! Maybe this is that changing point Will has been talking about. Exhausted from Jesalyn's party. She was so cute! I'll send some pics.
Have to agree with Katie - I think they are bring the zone! So what's the game plan Coach!
Love you all
Jess and Family

Judy said...

Will, Tom and Terri, - Just a quick note on March Madness - Guess we have to pick BSU - what do you think Will? Hope you had a good day. You are in our prayers. Love, Layne and Judy - GO BSU