Thursday, March 13, 2008

3/13/08 Thursday 4:51 am

What a great day today! I hope all of you enjoy your morning. Will's night went very easy. Nothing like the last one. He is looking better. He went down on the vent numbers last night. That's good. It just means his lungs are trying to work on their own. (Right Jo??) Who knows, maybe by this time tomorrow, he can be getting off the vent. I don't know if it will be that fast but Will is trying hard. He is amazing when he sets his mind to it.
He's been up three times tonight doing his workout. The nurses are amazed how much he can do already. He can't stand or sit because he's got two iv's in his legs because he's so swollen they can't find another place to put them. But the way he's going to start going up hill, they probably won't be in there long. They can't put it back in his neck because he still has quite a big clot there. We don't want to mess with that.
I know everyone is wondering how Will is bleeding into his chest. The drs aren't too sure-6 drs. and 6 different ideas. But the one that makes the most sense is that when they found the blood clot in his neck they started the heparin drip to dissolve it. Standard protocol. But even though Will was ten days out from his operation, he must have still been bleeding in his chest where they had to take his old lungs out. When they introduced the heparin, he started to bleed into his chest cavity. They could drain most of it out with the big tubes they had in, but some pooled up between his ribs and lungs and became too big of clots to come out with the drain. That's why they had to go back in and suction them out. Another idea was maybe Will is allergic to heparin. They sent some of his blood out to check that idea out.
Either way, he needs to go back on the heparin (I know, crazy huh) because of the blood clot in his neck. It's not something they are willing to ignore. They are waiting until later today to start. I will keep you updated.
Good news though, He doesn't have to go on dialysis. (spelling again??) The big renal drs. came in and feel that even though there is more swelling that the past week, the kidneys should handle it. Yea
So today we are hoping for a continuing uphill day. Remember, yesterday Will said that it was the turning point. So I am holding him to it. Even though all this has been happening, his new lungs are still in great shape. If we can get the fluids off him and stop the bleeding into his chest, we will be sitting pretty.
Your prayers are being heard by our mighty God. I still am in awe that all of you out there are praying so hard. God has been so merciful and the miracles he's been allowing will be Will's testimony when he gets all better and gets back home. There was over 800 hits on this blog site yesterday. I can't believe it and neither can Will. Thank you, thank you, thank you
God Bless


Steph T. said...

Oh Teri, you and your family are so strong! Keep working, Will. You are very loved by many people!

Susan said...

Well, you IS March Madness now... and the BIG Will, we know you will be ready to be tuned in to all those games, right?! So have you picked a team?
Our thoughts and prayers are with you today, each day, and your family, too! Roger and Susan

Somer Love said...

Woop!Woop! Today is gong to be a GREAT day!! I can feel it. Take things nice and easy over there Will No showing off :) Teri I will come by today a lil later if you can think of anything I can bring you let me know.

linda said...

Praise God,,,,,,,,,,,,Today will be a rest up day for all of you,,,,,,,,,the nurses and drs are taking good care of Will,,,it is plain to see,,,,,,,,,,,,is anyone seeing to you and Tom?? Please watch over each other and get the rest you need too,,,,,,,we love you guys,,,linda and steve

Anonymous said...

Will keep up the great work. Wish we could be in there coaching you along, but we are in spirit!
Jesalyn is 5 tomorrow! She's so excited she can't hardly stand it.
Terri you'll like this one, she was asking about people coming to her party, so of course we mentioned the Florida family members from out of town that will be here. Then she kind of looked at me funny and of all people in the family she said, "Well what about Aunt Karen?" Of course I told her she couldn't make it and so she said "that's okay she'll be her for my 6th birthday!" Just like that, almost as if it was tomorrow. It was so cute!
Yes I had to call my aunt and tell her.
Keep the comments coming! I check every second I get!
Love you Will! and Terri and Tom too!

Haneys said...

We are so glad to hear about all of the people who are working so hard with Will! Go TEAM! We are rooting for you! We love you!

Molly said...

Thank you so much for keeping this up to date.. I know all of the JLT reads this blog almost daily to check in and see how our coach is doing. We all know that Coach Will is strong and will make it through what ever he is faced with.
We all LOVE YOU Will!
Thank you for being so strong,
Love me and all of your JLT family,

Molly said...

P.S... Teri, you definitely gave Will the perfect name... he has the will:)
Just remember.. Where there is a WILL there is a WAY!
My mom brought a huge poster to state that had that saying on it:) it was pretty neat.

JKDK said...

Teri - thank you for the time you put into keeping all of us up to date on how things are going. I am happy to hear that the recent surgery went well.

Will - Keep pushing forward and keep fighting hard. It sounds like you are making great progress!

Vanessa West said...

Will, I'm stalking your page! Kinda weird...not but I think of you often and I will be seeing you this summer. So get your party pants on, I'm bringing the Red Vines.
Keep it up!