Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!! 4:45 am

He is Alive!!!

I am the resurrection and life. He who believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believeth in me, shall never die. John 11:25-26

May you always feel His love shining brightly in your life.

Have a blessed Easter.


gina said...

Happy Easter to you! Will, keep up the good work! Hope you're getting to watch a little March Madness here and there too :) Have a wonderful day. Its snowing here (surprise!), so I hope the weather is a little more "Easter bunny" friendly there. God bless, Gina

linda said...

Happy Easter to you all,,,,,,,,,,,wish you all were here with us today,,,,,,,,,,,,,keep up the good work Will,,,,we are praying and wishing you the best,,,,,hoping that maybe we will see your spot on t.v. here in Idaho,,,,as it is even "national news worthy",,,,,,,,,,love ,,aaron's mom,,,,,,,linda

bug said...

Happy Easter! Teri, that is great you were on the news. What a great way to get Will's story out, it is very inspirational. I'm sure you did a great job, like an old pro, Katir Curic will be jealous. We are in Arizona visiting Jen's parents so it is about 80 degrees. Not that i'm trying to rub it in Will :)
Love you guys,
Curt, Jen and Cali

marywarr said...

Happy Easter! We are so glad Will is doing better. He is an inspiration to us all. The kids love to hear how he is doing and say hello. Mecale is attempting Easter dinner for us all. Please pray for us. Just kidding, she will do a GREAT job and will allow for Melissa, Scott and Taylor to join us without being away from the Triplets for too long. Remember that we are thinking of you always and that you are continuously in our prayers. Have a wonderful Easter.
Jason, Mary and family

Coach said...

Will,I like talking to you in person much better than using the blog but after your Mother's quote yesterday I had to comment.
"babbling idiot" I didn't say it, your Dad didn't say it and you didn't say it, but how many times have we all thought it !!!! After all these years she makes it easy for us and tells the world.
I guess she wanted all of us to have a Happy Easter.
Will, I can remember when you were playing and we started practice in Nov. and did alot of running. I always told you to not over do it and sit out when you need to. You would sit out when needed, but then stay after practice and finish every single line you had missed.I had never had a player with more determintion than you. You are in the same situation now and everytime you go for a walk think about all the lines you ran to get yourself ready for the season and how much it helped you. Your walks are doing the same thing just even more important than when you were playing and I know nothing was more important to you than playing basketball. (except your family)Keep walking and taking in the calories. It won't be long and it will be time to start our football parlays again and you and I are going to your Dad's office !!!!
I hope you have a good day today and I'm looking forward to our next visit. Coach

Katie Lardy said...

Hi Harbisons!

Happy Easter from me and Paul.
We're so happy to hear of the great progress. Keep it up.
We're thinking about you and praying for you.

Cool about the news story! I'm happy your first appearance was for this rather than America's Most Wanted or something. :)

Much love!

Katie and Paul

Juli said...

Happy Easter all around!! Hope this finds your day filled family, (including staff who quickly becomes family), yummy food(high protein/calorie shakes!!),Easter eggs,etc...Will, keep up the hard work, and listen to those Docs....glad to hear your up and moving around, hurray!! Prayers are being answered!!! Teri, Congratulations on the news story, and a BIG THANKS for talking about organ donation/transplant, (Mona spoke publicly many times, to anyone who would listen)We (Maags/I) are so very proud of ALL of you!!! Hope today is an exceptional many ways...sending love and prayers

Steph T. said...

Happy Easter, Harbisons! When, where and who are you on TV with?
Love, Stephanie

Cyndi said...

The Harbison Family,

Springtime gently touches all the earth with the miracle of life renewed. . .
Wishing you all the blessings and joys of a very special Easter season.
With Love,
Cyndi, Kim, Daniel, and Lacy