Wednesday, March 19, 2008

3/19/08 Wednesday 4:30 am

Will's day was busy. He didn't seem to be able to take a breath without someone coming in and doing something. But he did have a short, but nice visit with Coach. He looked forward to that all morning. They worked together and got Will's March Madness picks. I will have to post them later because he hasn't picked his pick for the #1 winning team. He has to think on that. He was really tired so Randy didn't stay too long but they both needed to have some time together. Thanks Coach and Will hopes to see you real soon.

Will's xray was showing some fluid built up and the drs. didn't know if it was enough to stick a needle in and draw it out or just let the body take care of it. They did an ultra sound and it didn't look too bad so they decided not to do it. Will was relieved. Then they took him down to the cat scan machine. You would not believe all the stuff it takes to move him, but they got it done. It just showed that the left lung is still a little collapsed and hasn't inflated far enough so they are going to work on that today. Maybe a chest tube will be taken out this morning.

The ICU dr. came in about midnight and said we were needed to move because they had multiple beds needed in the ICU and they "kick" the people out in order of care needed. I got all the stuff packed up. We were looking forward to going to another floor but then they came in and said they moved three other people out but Will needed to stay here for a while. We are still hoping that maybe today they will move us. It's not a bad place, everyone is so nice but they just have to check you every hour so Will doesn't get too much uninterrupted sleep. Sometimes I think he would just start really turning the corner if they give him 6 hours of sleep.

Then Angel came this afternoon. This causes a whole other set of problems for Will. She loves to bug him. He's just not finding it as humorous as he usually does. But let me tell you, it did a mom's heart good when I turned around and saw Angel rubbing Will's head because he was in so much pain. I wish I had my camera because they will both deny it later. I think they love each other. :) Angel gets to stay until Friday and she will spell Tom and I a little bit. Her new husband is such a sweetheart to give her up for a few days. They still like having each other around. Thanks, Aaron.
So today we are going to work on opening that left lung up and maybe moving onto another floor. He did stand up three times today but he is so shaky that he really isn't holding himself up yet. He needs a lot of help, but it felt good to get out of bed, even though he needs lots of pain meds afterwards. So we will work on that also.

Well, I hope all of our friends that are going through Spring Vacation are having a wonderful time. Enjoy and relax. God is working so hard to give us such great people to help take care of Will, and He has blessed us with such wonderful friends and family that continue the prayers that Will needs. Thank you and I say prayers for all of you also.


Scott & Melissa said...


You are doing a great job on keeping us up to date. Thank you very much for doing it.
I posted a link to your blog from ours and there are many people here at work that ask me all the time how Will is and if there is any other information than what you have written. They have been keeping up with you also.
Will, good luck with your picks. I would not even know where to start and would have to consult "my" sports guru's, Jason and Jeff. I swear they know everything about any sport out there. It's always a good time to be with them and listen to them.
Good luck Will! You and your family are in our prayers and WE LOVE YOU!!!

Melissa, Scott, and the rest of those cute little kids!

Brenda said...

Good job getting Duke in your final four, unless you have had a change of heart since yesterday. Coach K. called and asked me not to pick them (have you been talking to him, Will). Keep up the great work. Hopefully you will be moved today so you can get some rest. Thanks Terri for keeping this up to date. You are doing a great job!!

Bina said...

Come on big brother.... you know North Carolina is taking it this year! I hate to admit it cause I've got Duke blood running through my veins and I really wish someone would light a fire under them but I'm going with T. Hansboro and the tar heels! All I know is March Madness is like christmas all over again for us basketball folk! I'm pretty sure it needs to become a national holiday (as well as my birthday and april fools day):)
So, I don't have cable at my house and obviously I've been desperate to watch all this b-ball so I go to the gym every night where they have t.v.'s attached to all the cardio machines. I've officially decided they need to make more machines with seats. I mean, I actually have to WORK OUT to watch basketball. I feel like I'm back playing for Coach Rogers with how exhausted I am! I've lost ten pounds from WATCHING basketball and the real games haven't even started yet! I should take a before and after picture of me from March Madness!
Well my Harbison fam.... I love you all very much! Mom, you do a great job on this blog and i'm so grateful you keep us up to date with Will. Will, Merry-March-Madness to you! I wish you all the refreshing pepsi, yummy food and good picks! Have an amazing day, week, rest of the month! Love, Bina

Denise and Lonnie Waltrip said...

Hi Harbison family! Just a short note this morning to let you know we are thinking of you every day and checking on you at least twice a day to see how things are going. Hang in there you all. You are such rays of sunshine to the rest of us with your positive upbeat attitudes. We know there have to be "down" times and that is normal so just hang in there - there is truly a light at the end of the tunnel. All of us here in Elko are sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Take care and keep those updates coming!

Susan said...

Good morning and Happy March Madness to you all!
I remember that when Will and Katie were talking about setting up this blog that Will wanted to have a "joke of the day" and I really meant to send it on St.Patrick's Day but forgot. So here is my favorite green day joke.

What is Irish and sits in the back

Well, it is Patty O'Furniture!!

Wishes and prayers for another productive day. Keep it up!! Susan and Roger

KP said...

Hi Will!!!! Tom, Terri & Angel!

Here's a Fletch line for ya!

Dr. Joseph Dolan: Right. Now, how long have you had these pains, Mr. Barber?
Fletch: No, that's "Babar".
Dr. Joseph Dolan: Two B's?
Fletch: One B. B-A-B-A-R.
Dr. Joseph Dolan: That's two.
Fletch: Yeah, but not right next to each other. I thought that's what you meant.
Dr. Joseph Dolan: Arnold Babar. Isn't there a children's book about an elephant named Babar?
Fletch: I don't know. I don't have any.
Dr. Joseph Dolan: No children?
Fletch: No elephant books.

It is so good to hear that Coach got to come down and visit. Talk about good medicine! I'm sure it was good for him too. It kept him out of that mysterious office in Jackpot for a day and saved him some money! Just kidding! We love Coach!

Will, I hope you have a good day today! Know that there are four Peterson's here in Twin that are cheering for you! I know you've heard Kara & Keeli sure gets loud!!! In fact, they do dress up as Lady Tiger cheerleaders and have a special cheer for you. "Will, Will he's our man, please get better, fast as you can! Go Tigers!!! Yes, TWO cheerleaders in my house! Yikes!

Thank you Terri for you the record you are keeping and sharing. You are wonderful!

The KPs

Victoria,Jax,John&Kenny said...

Will, darlin' - I've been sending you comments ever since I got the address from Richard and Kim - Kim tells me THIS morning that I have to sign up before you can receive them...I'm such a donut! At any rate, we are cheering for each step you take. I bought a 6 pack of diet pepsi two days ago and tried to imagine what your first swallow must have felt like. You are on the Holloway prayer chain and are being prayed for daily by the First Baptist Church in Twin - they are pretty fierce over there -as well as St. Bart's Cathedral on Park ave in Manhatten. I mention your name out loud and Jax is always relieved that I wait for the appropriate moment. His parents are such an embarrassment to him at age 14.

We will be home mid April and look forward to seeing you. Kenny has saved up saliva to swipe you with -we love your family, Will.

---Your neighbors

Oh, we love you,too

Karen Atwood said...

Hey, Will and all. I have been in Boise with Christi and Billie, and I don't think it is going to be very long before you have a little McWinn nephew. So, hurry and get well because I don't think Billie and Matt can teach him basketball. He's going to need you! Before I left Twin Falls, I was walking around the campus and Steve Irons drove buy and stopped me. He asked me all about you and asked for your blog so he could read it and respond to you. I haven't seen any comments from him, so I don't know if he can't figure out how to send a comment, or if he just hasn't been around to send it (I guess he's on spring break too). Then I talked to Wayne Hine (you remember--your professor and advisor from CSI). He was surprised to hear about you and asked me to send him your blog. However, he was leaving for Arizona again and they don't have email there, so I'm not sure if he will be able to comment. He is praying for you, I know. Well, I have to run if I want to meet Billie for lunch. The girls and I always knew you were amazing (both you and your mom!), but I am amazed at the number of lives you have touched as I read your blogs. WOW, when you figure that there are so many comments on your blog and think about all the people who read it and don't send blogs, you sure do have a bunch of friends!! Keep on getting better, Will. We love you. Tom and Terri, we love you too--and Angel, of course. I'm glad Angel can be there this week.

Cyndi said...

Before I head off to Boise this morning, I wanted to let all of you know that we are sooo very excited with Willy's progress! The best is yet to come! Keep the faith and we will continue praying for such wonderful friends. I love and miss you Terri :)
Cyndi & Family

Mindy Lou said...

Terri, remember when you left for Utah you were concerned about not being in touch with everyone? I think you, Will, Tom, and Angel have done the total opposite. You have been in touch with soooo many more people than you normally would have been. That's so amazing! It's awesome to see how many people the whole family has touched over the years.

Will, did BSU make your March Madness picks???? :D

We love you all and pray for Will's continued strength and some sleep. It's been a while since Will has been able to sleep until 11 a.m. I'm sure!!!!

Love you all! Mark, Mindy, & Bre

Steph T. said...

Hello Teri! . I haven't read the blog for a few days because I have been home for Spring Break. We have had snow and rain but it’s not too cold. I had to come into my classroom just to check on you all this morning and WOW, what a difference a few days make. I enjoy reading the news on you and your family. I miss you!
Stephanie Taylor
Good Morning Will. I don't know you very well; however I have learned a great deal about you from your mom and because of this blog. I am praying for you and for your parents. I sure do love and appreciate your mother! She is a strength in person and in words. We miss her! You are so lucky to have her!! Congratulations! Will, keep up the good work. You all hang in there!
Stephanie Taylor

Shelly said...

Dear Will,
This is Jace Wright. Do you remember me? I'm going to have my Mom send you a picture of me, because I really have grown a lot. You might not recognize me. Most people think I'm eight. I'm really six. But almost 7. My Mom reads me your Mom's blog while we do school. I hope you get better soon so you can come visit us at our new house. We have our own play room in the attic--you've gotta see it.

Your Friend,

JKDK said...


Glad to hear your are making so much progress! It is good to know that you have such a great network of family and friends that are helping you through this time in your life. As for basketball - the Gators have made my job easy for this year. Billy D. has kicked the team out of their $11M practice facility due to their lack of drive as they enter the NIT. Should have happened a little earlier...

Jason Dettman-Kruse

Jessica said...

Hey Will and Family
Glad to hear you are on the up-swing. Keep up the great work!
I was thinking about Coach Clark coming to see you and I bet Donna was very thankful to have you get him out of her hair (even if it was for the day)! How much did she pay you Will? LOL (Just kidding Coach)
Guess I need to get a little more into the basketball scene with all of you talking about it so much. It's making my blood boil for sure.
I have a friend that is a basketball fanatic down here and his 1 1/2 year old daughter will only sit still to watch basketball. It's really cute too because she is just a peanut! About a month and a half ago she had to go in for CF testing because of her size. Of course the first person I thought to call was you Will. As well as your mom. We were very thankful and joyous when her test came back negative. They still have figured about what is going on, but all of the major tests have been run and she is meeting all of her milestones. Scary though!
Have a great night and a wonderful day tomorrow!
Lots of warm weather and love being sent your way! It was 87 here today! Beautiful...

Landon said...

Hey Terri,

I dont have all that much to say but tell will good luck for me and that he is in my thoughts.

landon vega

Tanya said...

Great job on standing even though you still need some help with that it is wonderful news..
you will be walking in no time you just hide and watch.. you will be cruzing those halls and on your way to idaho..
Hi Angel glad that you could make it down for a few days..
Much love to you all

Vanessa West said...

Hey Willie-
Yeah what someone else said you sure do have a lot of friends. Could you share a bit, I think you are hogging them all! Just kidding, you are jus too easy to love!
So we played our first round game tonight at 9:45 PM and we didn't get done until 11:30, kinda crazy, but it reminds me of the old AAU days :) Oh yeah, the important thing is we won and we are in the Sweet Sixteen. Four more games to go.
Keep up the good work, Pepsi is good for the body!
Terri, Tom, and Angel, I feel bad for never extending my hello's to you. I know you probably weren't too hurt by it, but I want you to know that I'm thinking of you also and I admire your strength and support. You make Will strong. Take care!