Wednesday, March 12, 2008

3/12/08 Wed. 6:30

Morning everyone
Will's night went okay. They were doing tests on his kidneys and blood gases. So it seemed like someone was here all night long.

They are going to take him down to surgery about 8 this morning and it should take about two hours. So some extra prayers will help this morning. I will keep everyone updated on his operation. We want to pray for the drs ability to take out that clot that is between Will's ribs and lungs. It's very delicate but his surgeon is the best.

God bless this day for all of you


Megan said...

Just know that we will be lifting Will, the doctors, and your entire family up in prayer today.

In His precious hands,
Megan, Curt, and Tyler

osbornefamilyof4 said...

You will be in our thoughts and most important we will be praying for you. Stay strong we love you all.
In Christ Love,
The Osbornes

linda said...

We are here and praying as Will goes into this surgery,,,,,Keep the faith and God Bless all of you there,,,,,,,,,,,,love linda