Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday, March 6, 2008 4:47 a.m.

We had a big day here. Will still has a plugged lower lobe in in right lung and now a middle lobe is also collapsed. This isn't that uncommon but since he's not able to cough too much on his own the doctor said she might just go down into his lungs with a bronchioscope (no points off for spelling) and help unplugged those two lobes. They gave it a couple of days to try to let it unplug on its own but so far it hasn't worked. It's not because Will hasn't tried. The doctors said maybe if he got up and walked a few steps it might move things along. So you all know Will, if they said to walk once, he will be walking three times and that's what he did. He tried and tried to make himself cough and he kept asking if he could do something more. The doc tried to tell him that sometimes resting is enough but Will doesn't see if that way. He considers resting a waste of time. So after the doctors look at the xrays this morning, they will decide to do that procedure.

He ate some mac and cheese and had another pepsi. He's eating a lot of pudding which is ok
He did get one of his chest tubes out and now he's able to move a little bit more. I got to stay in and watch that. YUCK! They are drawing blood gases right now, which is painful, and Will apologizes to them for making them come out at 4:30 a.m. to do this. I just shake my head.

Don has turned out to be Will's favorite nurse. He's an older man but he is just so caring. I don't know what we would have done if we didn't have him taking care of Will in the evenings. If we don't understand what's happening, Don explains it so even I understand. Well he's taking a few days off, which he deserves after putting up with us 12 hours a day for several days now. (Will still needs one-on-one nursing care). Before Don left tonight he came in and gave me a hug and told me Will was the most amazing patient he's ever had. That was very touching to me. Later I told Will what he said and he came right back with "He hasn't been a nurse very long, has he?"

Will's medicine still keeps him in the fog sometimes. One time today he woke up and wanted to know why he was there. I explained he was in the hospital. He said he wasn't, that he was in the Bliss school parking lot. How sad is that? Of all the places that his mind could have taken him and he goes to Bliss.

People have asked me to let them know specifically what to pray for so I try to let them know.
today we need prayers to get those two lobes unplugged so he can get those lungs working as well as they can. After that we should be able to move forward quickly. Prayers are a mighty tool and God listens to everyone. Thank you for keeping our family in your prayers and I hope I can do the same. We miss everyone back home and it won't be too long before we get back there. Our God is an awesome God.

Keep the comments coming, please. They're our form of entertainment.


Erin said...

Well, I know when I drift off I often find myself in the Bliss School parking lot. Beautiful country up there. : ) Well, it was psychotic night here in the ER last night!! Every single patient we had was a mental one! By the end of the night were thinking of joining them. Anyway, thought I'd a share a little of my exciting work drama with ya! Hope those lobes get unplugged quickly! I'll be praying. Love you all! ~ Erin

osbornefamilyof4 said...

So John, Or Will either one. We were in the car and someone had called to give an up date on you. Samantha said "who is Willie". I said it's Angels brother, she still didnt remember so then I said its Angels brother John remembers and she was like o yea where is John? So we are all praying for Will except Samantha she still remebers you from New Years as being John. And no her butt no longer hurts John, I know you were really curious about that:) We are praying for you and and love you guys and cant wait till you can come home. In Christ Love, Kristan

Steph T. said...

Good Morning! I read your blog every morning. You are all amazing! I know why Will thought he was in Bliss yesterday; you all spent many "happy" times here! The name alone is happy! :) We miss you here. Teri, you and your family are in our hearts, minds and prayers.

Mason & Suzy said...

I have to agree with your mom, Will. For heaven's sake, take yourself to somewhere besides Bliss! Maybe I need to send you pictures of the Caribbean, Honolulu, even Tijuana!! I'll have to send an ocean sounds CD as well. Stay out of Bliss... for now. Keep training those lungs, and we'll keep praying.
Love from Twin Falls........

Dan and Evelyn Peterson said...

Your sense of humor and upbeat attitude is very uplifting. God is the calm in the storm and He uses you in a great way to carry Will through the rough days. We are still in the Arizona desert and I look forward to your updates so we can keep involved in the lives of our 'family'. Richard and Kim are stopping by on their way home today. That will be a big blessing

Karen Atwood said...

Well, Terri, since Will thinks resting is a waste of time for him, ask him to rest for you--I'm sure you could use it!

I'm glad to see your taste in food hasn't changed, but I wonder when you will start eating corn and mashed potatoes or rice a roni. You know cheese plugs you up! Sorry, wrong plug. I know, my sense of humor is a little warped sometimes. Keep up the fighting spirit, Will.

Anonymous said...

Love you all very much! Definitely praying for those lobes to open up... Terri maybe if you blow into his mouth that will inflate them. LOL I'm just kidding, don't really do that. Sorry Will for giving her that crazy idea.
Terri is Angel back to teaching? Kg right? Jesalyn and I just made a Helping at Home video for Kindergarten Parents and Students so I was going to send it to her.
She is SO cute (Jesalyn that is)! Can't believe she is five next week! How time flies...
Thanks so much for the updates!

Gary Krumm said...

Hey Will. The Bliss School parking lot? Been there; done that! At least Hagerman my man!
Time to unplug huh? Well, I know you'll get er done!
Hey Will. I was asked to be the graduation speaker at Bliss High School this spring. Is that something you might be interested in helping me with? You know, kind of a surprise guest by the speaker(unless you're reading this blog)?
Give it some thought when you can.
Thanks for inspiration Will.
Coach Krumm

keli b said...

Terri thank you so much for keeping a great blog. It's great to read. I heard the lungs came from Vegas. You should have called I would have brought them to you myself. :) They must be lucky. We have been thinking about Will and your whole family. We always keep you guys in our prayers. Tell Angel congrats!! I'm so happy for her. I wish I was closer so I could see you. Hopefully I'll get up that way this summer. We Love you!!
Ryan and Keli(Nelson)Bullen

Juli said...

Tom,Terri,Will, and family, I've pondered the Bliss school parking lot most of the day, and I believe Wills guardian angel (Mona) took him was a place very close to her heart, she loved the school, staff, students, etc...just as Will loves coaching, his students,the school, and staff where he works...every morning I call the Maags, and read your blog. Terri, and I can't begin to tell you what a relief it is for all of us (having gone thru this experience with Mona)to feel up to date, and know where Will is in his recovery. Its been a great comfort for us, and opened loving memories we had set aside, I want to thank you for that!! Anyway, thats my theory/thoughts on Bliss...Will, keep up all the hard work, your on the right track!! Sending prayers, and BIG hugs to all, Juli and family

Mindy Lou said...

Way to take direction Will, keep up the good work.

Try to imagine looking up at the sky at a flock of geese, that's where you will be come this fall. (that comment comes from Mark of course...)I think you should think about meeting Bre, that's a fun place to be. Ask your mom, she already called dibs the next time we see each other though. LOL We love you and pray that your lobes will open up wide. Love Mark, Mindy, & Bre