Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 17, 2008 Saturday 2:33 am

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures. Will was a little apprehensive being outside and away from all his machines for the first time in 12 weeks, as many of you can imagine. Now that he has done it and nothing bad happened, the next time will go a lot easier on him.

When he got back to his room after being outside, he had a problem with his breathing. All the doctors were with him at the time so they were able to help him but not right away. It did go on for some time and afterwards he was exhausted. He then slept with the help of some medicine for about 8 hours. He woke up a little bit ago and now he's back to sleep again. It really wore him out. The doctors aren't quite sure what happened but they are on top of things.

He's got Sumer for his nurse tonight so he's probably feeling happy even in his sleep. I hope to get a picture of them together before too long. Then you can put a face with the name. When you see these nurses, day in and day out, you get pretty close to them and know their stories. We have become family and we do love them and feel very blessed for having them in our lives. Not just the ones that we name in our blog, but the other ones also. They all care for Will so much and they treat us like VIPs.

So once again Will slept through the Celtic's loss. He also slept through the Jazz's loss. Most everybody in the ICU was watching the game. They were all sad when the Jazz lost. I was just hoping they were the ones that would take out the Lakers. Sorry Randy.

So we had a good beginning of the day and a rotten middle and now we have a very quiet ending of the day. Some days feel like a roller coaster ride. I think it will now be a quiet weekend so Will can recover from what happened today. I was hoping we can go outside again while Angel is here but I doubt that now. We will just be hanging in his room together.

We are trying some new medicine on Will today so pray that it will prevent the episode like this afternoon from happening again.
God bless


Jen Holtzen said...

Sorry to hear that there were problems after the outing. What a bummer. But even small little steps forward will eventually get you to where you want to be. What a blessing that Will got be to outside for a bit. I'm praying that he will be outside again this week. Enjoy the day with Angel. Scott, Jen, Traj, Ryk, and Dax

bug said...

You looked good out there Will. Keep on the road to recovery and you'll be home enjoying the summer in no time. It is a great day here and we are getting Cali ready for a little birthday outing with her friends. They are going to a kids spa to get their hair and nails done. She thinks she is so special. We'll send you guys a picture. Enjoy the weekend with Angel and Aaron, say Hi for us. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.