Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 13, 2008 Tuesday 12:54 am

Well, we are looking forward to the weekend. It is supposed to be 80-85 degrees and sunny. How wonderful to finally have spring. I hope the weather is going to be great where you are.

Will is doing better this evening. The doctors took him off lots of his itch meds, pain meds, and nausea meds and ice chips. Then they will get him back on track one med at a time. This way they will be able to see which one might have been the one that he had a reaction to. This hasn't been a good day for Will after no sleep in 48 hours. Then this afternoon he slept for a few hours and tonight he's sleeping pretty good. We are so happy. The itching seems to be letting up and no hallucinations at all. You can put up with a lot of stuff if you have sleep under your belt. So things will get better now. The thing he was most upset with is no ice chips. He was really enjoying them. Maybe tomorrow they will let him have some. He did a short t test today but he was too tired to do any more. The doctors said he can have a day off and then tomorrow get started again.

So no more allergic reactions and we are on the right road again, ready to turn the "corner." The drs. did said that after a few more t-tests, Will might be able to take his vent and jump in a wheel chair and go outside for a few minutes. We are really looking forward to that. It will be his first time outside in more that 11 weeks. But that won't be for a few more days probably. I will hope to have a picture of that day.

Take care and God bless


Jen Holtzen said...

So glad to hear that you are doing a little better Will. I'm praying you get to head outside soon, it's amazing what a little sunshine can do for your mental and physical health! Keep up the hard work, I'll be checking to see if you've gotten your ice chips back later today! Scott, Jen, Traj, Ryk, and Dax

Brenda said...

Remember your own advice on the sleep thing. You and Tom need to make sure you get your sleep too. Let Will know that it is really hard for me to cheer for any team that has anything to do with Boston, but I'm making an exception with his Celtics. They better get going.
You are in our prayers.
And Tom, thank for calling to check on Dad -
You Harbison's are one in a million. With all you have going on in your life, you take the time to be concerned about others. Dad seems to be doing just fine. No more problems.

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful news! I wish we were all there when he came out to cheer him on....
Love you Will! You continue to amaze us with all that you are going through!
Thanks Terri again for keeping us in the loop as they say!