Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 8, 2008 Thursday 1:36 am

The doctors have decided the best course of action for Will is for him to have a trach put in. It's a different way for the vent to do his breathing for him. This is where you put a hole in the throat and trachea and attach the vent through that. He won't have the tube through his mouth and it will be a lot more comfortable. They are doing this for several reasons. The number one is that it seems when Will gets off the vent he only has enough reserve energy to keep breathing on his own for a day or two. Then he can't continue and they have to intabate him again. This hasn't been working so we are going to try this. The reason this will work better is that with the trach he can go off the vent for a time, say an hour or two, and work his way up to going completely off for days. Then if the need arises, he can just put the vent back on. The hole stays open in his throat until such time they don't think he needs it and it can be taken out. Also, he can get up and move easier than with that tube down his mouth. He needs to move to get the fluid off. So this is going to be a good thing.

This should help Will with his mental status also. It's difficult to work so hard to get off the vent and then just have to be put back on right away. It can be very defeating. This way he can make some forward progress and keep going forward, instead of slipping back to square one all the time. Eventually, the doctors said he can talk with this in and eat and drink, but that it will be down the road a little bit. If it takes longer to get him off the vent, he could go back to the apt. with this also. But that's a long way down the road.

So today, about 11:00 am, they will be taking him down to surgery and putting that in. It should only take about an hour. It's a fairly easy surgery. He should be back in his room before too long. He will be sore for a few days but they can take care of that. The reason they didn't do this before is that anytime you have a wound, you open Will up to infection. With his immune system down, he can't afford that. So the doctors didn't decide this lightly. We prayed on it and thought this is the best way. Will is all for it also.

We would so appreciate prayers today to guide the doctors hands and for this to be the decision that will allow Will to turn the corner. I will post a blog later this afternoon to everyone know how this procedure went. God is watching out for Will. Thank you for your love and concern.

God bless


karrie & jeff said...

We will definitely keep Will and his doctors in our prayers today. Hopefully, this will be just what he needs to turn that corner and really make forward progress. Thanks for keeping us updated; we care so much! Love, Karrie and Jeff

Erin said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you Will! Hopefully, this is what will kick start your recovery. Hang in there!


Lthsldy said...
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Lthsldy said...

Let's try this again. . .We are all thinking of you and keeping the prayer lines busy. Let go; let God!
Love, Pam and Dave

Coach said...

I think Dr.Tom needs to assist with Will's surgery today. I realize this isn't his specialty (I won't mention his specialty) but it will help the other doctors knowing he is there to help out.
This surgery is going to start you on the road to coming home Will. It will be awhile but this is going to get you going for good.
Please hurry home. Kim's livestock are running all over the neighborhood. Will you are the only one that can control her and all of her animals.
Good luck with the surgery.
Lakers vs Celtics coming soon !!!

Jen Holtzen said...

Good luck Will, hope this is exactly what you need and that things move smoothly from here on out. You will be in my thoughts and prayers (even more than usual!) all day today. Scott, Jen, Traj, Ryk ,and Dax

Dixie said...

Hi everyone,
The trach should help. At least it is one step forward in the right direction. I'm thinking of you all and hoping the best for Will. It will not be long before he is able to talk, eat and drink with the trach. Good luck Will and keep fighting like I know you can.


emi_star13 said...

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