Thursday, May 8, 2008

update on the trach 5/8/08 5:18 pm

So Will's surgery is finished and he's back in his room. He is in a lot of pain but they are going to get on top of it because Mama Bear (AKA nurse Carolyn) is on duty. She doesn't like seeing him in pain either. But still, in all this pain, he wrote out "put on Celtics game" I'm glad the pain hasn't taken away the important stuff in life.
The drs. said the trach is working well. I like being able to see his face again. His tongue keeps going in and out of his mouth. I think it's searching for the tube. The pain will be on board for at least a day or two, then it should get better. I hope so. They should be starting all his iv's again soon.
So that's over with. YEA!!
Thanks for the prayers and I will blog again at my regular time.
God bless


Katie Lardy said...

Hi Will!
I hope you're able to rest well and enjoy watching the Celtics game.
Boy, they really meant business the other night.

Terri, thank you so much for the updates. The prayers and positive vibes keep coming your way.
Hugs to you all!
Love, Katie

Judy said...

Hi Everyone,
I am glad to know the surgery is over and we pray now that it will be smooth sailing from now on. Thanks ALOT much for keeping us up to date. It means so much to us who are so far away. We love you guys!!!
Love, Layne and Judy

Mason & Suzy said...

Wow, what a whirlwind of events today. I hope this will allow Will to gain some more energy.

Apparently the Celtics are a motivating force here. Go green!

Many prayers and thoughts still with you! Love you all!