Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday May 28th, 2008 1:25 am

Tuesday was busy. Will started the day off with a 3 1/2 hour trial test. Did the best he has yet. Then he waited for his bronch. Dr. Cahill came in with her crew and did it about 2 this afternoon. Will did really well and we should know some findings by tomorrow. His blood gases came back and the the drs. said all the numbers looked great on those. The drs. let him have the afternoon off so he could rest. He took advantage of that. So things are starting to look up again.

Jesters came up to visit us from Hagerman tonight. Will slept through most of the visit because he was really tired from the procedure today. They left after a good visit and then they will come back before they leave for home in the morning. I wish I could bottle up all our love and send it back to all of you. I can't -so just pretend.

Our young man we have been praying for had company tonight. I went over and met his mom and siblings. I don't know why they weren't here before this, I didn't ask. I just told them that the nurses were taking good care of him and that I had people praying for him. They were very appreciative. So I am sending their thanks to you. He's doing a little better today. By the way, I told you that he look 18, well he just turned 25 his mom said. What do I know? Everybody looks young to me.

We haven't had our housewarming party yet because I haven't had time to get it all together. But we will soon. I think that will be a fun way to thank the nurses and drs. for their care. I will send pictures of that when we get it done.

God bless


Brenda said...

Will, I won't cheer for Boston tonight because I know you still think I'm bad luck. Randy said you two had a laugh about that. Keep working hard. I know you'll get there.
It's just like you guys to be worried about the person next door. You are truly angels on this earth.

Brandon, Tonya, and Girls said...

Will, I got to go to Jackpot on Saturday with Randy and Brent! I've never been with them before and it was so great. It was so much fun that Brandon and I put the girls to bed on Sunday night and drove back down. I hope when you get home Randy'll invite me to go along with you guys. I love blackjack, but Brent got me hooked on the craps table, too. My mom thinks I need to go to gamblers anonymous, but I don't think I've been to Jackpot more than you.
My girls, even little Brynna got in the freezing cold and dirty pool this last weekend and had a ball. I love the picture my grandpa has up of you floating in the pool, I think it'll warm up soon and be ready for you.
Love, Tonya
PS Have you tried eating a live toad yet?

Jessica said...

Sounds like you're on the up and up again Will! That is great. Your party sounds like fun Terri!
So I have to tell you this story about a little girl in my class named Serena. This morning she came in very serious and said "Can I ask you a question Mrs. Evans?" Of course I said sure Serena what's on your mind? She proceeded, "you know that young boy that's your friend and got the new lungs put in his belly? How is he doing?" So of course I shared some more pictures with her and my class updating them on how Will was doing. But I had to share it with you because she was SO CUTE! I wish I could have taped it and sent it to you. How sweet huh? I know you have tears in your eyes now Terri, because I did when she asked me!

I wish I could have been there to see the Jester's too. If you talk to or see them again send them my love!

I'll talk to you soon,

End of the year craziness... packing up my room to move for the sixth time in my four years teaching! YES I'm crazy! At least it's at the same school this year.