Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday May 4 5:16 am

Sunday is one of the best days of the week. I hope everyone enjoys their day.

Will has just been recuperating from the big day of procedures. They have increased his tube feeds back to where they were. They had to stop his Lasix (the med that is drawing the fluid off)because his kidneys took a little "bump" and they want to be careful right now. He did sit up in his bed and stood once. And tonight he has sat up twice more. He wants to get stronger. Angel and Aaron have been staying with him today but Aaron hasn't been able to shave him yet because Will is just too tired. I think they are beginning to like Will's new bald look. Aaron even cut his own hair as short as Will's. I think they both look so good like that.

As I sit here thinking of what to write I just have to let everyone know how lucky we
are to be able to be in such a caring environment. There are so many people here who
have now become Will's friends. Their hard work and dedication and yes, sometimes tears, have helped Will get to where he is today. They are all willing to go the extra mile for him and for us, too. They are there for a hug when we aren't having a good day and a great big smile when we are. How many hospitals are like that? Will is lucky, he has his "home" hospital and this one up here in SLC that has been just a loving place. The whole family feels really blessed to be here.
We are going to have to get a big u-haul just to take everyone back home with us. Tom even gets free coffee from Starbucks (it's in the lobby) because he's such a frequent visitor.

Today we are hoping that Tom and I can hook up with our good friends, Roger and Susan Laughlin, and have breakfast. They are here in town for the weekend but we haven't been able to get together yet. Angel and Aaron will stay with Will. Then they will have to be on their way home. These weekends go by so fast.

Take care and God bless


Jessica said...

Good Morning Harbison Family,
Terri I hope you and Tom were able to hook up with the Laughlin's. I've been spoiled the last few weeks to see familiar faces from Idaho and it brought back a little of home and fond memories.
We are blessed to have you in that kind of environment! I'm sure it's made a difference for Will to see people who really care. Especially, when the family is SO used to being in Hagerman. Although I am not there, I know that the feeling is not the same in our little old home town. You are greatly missed and thought of daily by many. I've learned from moving too though, that it's amazing how you extend your family as you travel and as time goes on you find those that nurture and want a relationship as much as you do.
Your sense of home and comfort, brings comfort to me and I'm sure others, because we know that all of you are in good hands and God is leading the way!
Happy Sunday! Love you all,

mickey.martinez said...

hi!!! I have something for you:

Don't tell God how big your storm is, tell the storm how big God is!

It is so true. You are in my thoughts and prayers all day. I wish I could be there. Maybe soon, I can fly out for the week-end.


Bina said...

hi my lovely family! I haven't had access to the internet for almost a week. tonight was my first opportunity to get back up to date with everything. Will, it put a huge smile on my face to see you sipping your pepsi (a.k.a. liquid heaven). In fact, I just had a crazy idea come over me. I'm going to write to Pepsi headquarters (wherever that is) and tell them all about you- tell them how you are a dedicated and unwavering diehard pepsi drinker and try to get you a year supply of free pepsi! If anyone deserves it, it's you! Seriously though, my finals end in two weeks and after that this will be my summer mission! I'm totally excited about this and I'm totally serious! Anyway, I'll keep you updated on this whim idea of mine! I love you all so much and I think about you everyday. ~ Bina