Saturday, May 10, 2008


Here's my two reasons for celebrating being a mother. How lucky am I???

I wish for all mother's out there that you feel God's love every time you look into the face of your child. What a miracle! What a special, special gift from Him. Every day is Mother's Day to me. Okay, enough of that mushy stuff.

What a good day Will had yesterday. He sat up for 45 minutes on the edge of the bed. He stood up twice for about a minute each time. Then he sat up again later on in the day for 45 minutes.
But that's not all, he already has had two, yes two, t-trials with his trach. I'll explain what those are. They take Will off the vent and put a little t shaped tube at the tube coming from his throat. Then they put the humidified 02 on one end and he breathes on his own. They wanted him to try it for a few minutes and then do a full hour later on. BUT Will did a full hour the first time and later on 45 minutes. That was so good and he can't wait until he can tell his Dr. Cahill. She's going to be so surprised, no I take that back. Nothing Will does surprises her any more.

Will's cousins came and say him for an hour or so early this afternoon. He really enjoyed visiting with them. So after all that he slept all afternoon and evening. He even slept through his Celtics game. After the outcome of that game, I don't think that was a bad thing. Poor Celtics, they better get their act together. I'm glad he got some sleep then because he really hasn't been able to get any tonight. He's having a lot of trouble with his blood sugars and his blood pressure (not related). They are getting it under control now. His pain has been a little high tonight too. That's why it has taken me over an hour and half to finish writing this.

My mom and I are going to spend the afternoon together and I will take her out to dinner somewhere. Tom will stay with Will and keep him in line. I told him we will celebrate Mother's Day when he gets out of here. Angel is in Boise with Aaron's mom, Linda, today and I hope they have a great day together. I told Will all I wanted for Mother's Day is for him to walk a few steps. So he said he would.

We need to pray for all those mothers that lost their children in that horrible tornado last week. Such a terrible thing to happen. Thanks for all your support and love.
God bless you all and especially you mothers on this special day.


Susan said...

Dear Terri, A great big Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mom! Enjoy your day together.You really are Super Mom!
Great to hear of Will's progress yesterday.Sounds wonderful.
Roger and Susan

Aaron & Angel said...

Hi Mom! Happy Mother's Day! I woke up this morning to breakfast and flowers from Aaron and Candace (my new step-daughter for those who don't know). It was wonderful. It's my first mother's day and I am having a blast!! I think Aaron and Candace are teh only reason that I am getting through the day without being with you guys! I love you all! Tell Will he needs to do more that a couple steps for you because after all it is Mother's Day. Have a great day! Candace says Happy Mother's Day Grandma Terri!! And she loves Uncle Will. Aaron says Happy Mother's Day too and he loves you all. We will call later. Lots of love!!
PS Check your e-mail later because I am going to send a picture from the zoo yesterday.

mickey.martinez said...

Happy Mothers Day! Terri and mom. I wish I could spend it with you, but I am there in my spirit. Keep up the good work Will. I will think about you all day as usual and wish I were there.


Dave & Jane said...

Happy Mothers Day Terri. My bet is Will does more than a few steps today because he knows he has a terrific Mom. Will Jazz at 1:30.

Toni Mendive said...

Hi, Harbisons and Happy Mother's Day, Terri;

What a great Mother's Day gift when Will walks for you, Terri.

My prayers always include all of you because I know you all benefit from them.


Anonymous said...

Lots of love and sunshine coming your way from the East Coast! Way to Go Will!!!!!
Love you all,

Dixie said...

Happy Mother's Day Terri.
I'm glad Will is starting to do better. Leave it to him to go above and beyond his goals. Keep up the great work Will. And be nice to your mom today. She deserves a big spa treatment or something.

Dixie and James