Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday May 16, 2008 2:10 am

Can't believe it's Friday already and what a beautiful weekend it's going to be. I hope every one is going to be out enjoying the glorious weather.

Will is going to go out tomorrow morning and I hope I can upload a picture of him out there tomorrow afternoon. The nurse said we can even take him out in the bed with the vent and everything if we need to. Although we are hoping that he will be able to sit in a wheelchair because it will be so much easier. He is so looking forward to it. Can't even begin to tell you all what it's going to mean to him. It's been a long time coming.

He did a couple t-trials today and is doing better. He still gets tired afterwards. His ice chips are still tasting so good. The speech people are working with him to get his muscles built up. I guess you have to be able to speak through a valve on the trach before you are allowed to drink and eat. If you can speak then your muscles are strong enough to swallow. I know it sounds like a lot of work but it will happen soon.
Will is still getting emails from some of his girls and guys that he has coached over the years. He loves these. So if you haven't written him, please do so. You don't know how much they mean to him now. Remember you can write privately to him through my email address if you don't want to put it on the blog. Don't forget to throw in a funny joke, memory or good time. Right now he's a little down and it would help greatly to be able to pass the time reading these. Thanks so much. Look for a picture later this afternoon. Angel is coming down tonight. He is looking forward to her visit. He gets really bored with just Tom and I to visit with. It will be good once he gets out of ICU and then he can have more visitors.
I pray for God's blessings to go out to all of you.


Dixie said...

Hi everyone,
It is so good that Will gets to go outside tommorrow, but you better leave him in the bed. It is harder to escape in the bed than the wheelchair. Will may get outside and decides he likes it better and try to roll away in the wheelchair.
Keep up the good work Will. It will not be to long before you are passing all the test and enjoying your pepsi. Maybe if you talk/write to the nurses they can make pepsi ice chips for you. Hey, they said you could have ice chips, they just didn't say what kind. Leave it to a nurse to find a way around medical talk.


Katie Lardy said...
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Katie Lardy said...

Will, Im so happy that you'll be able to go outside today!

Since Terri has kept us up to date on how Aaron cuts your hair, I that you might appreciate a joke that shares another person's struggle with cutting their hair.

How does the man on the moon get his hair cut?

"Eclipse it!"

I hope your progress continues to go well. And do know that I'm thinking about you and cheering for you every day.
All my best!

Mindy Lou said...

Will, make sure that you have someone put sun screen on you or you'll fry like a french fry! :D

I'm so glad that you get to enjoy the outdoors without doing yard work...that's what I'll probably be doing. Have a great day everyone and I can't wait to see the pics.

Love Mindy

Judy said...

Hi, It is a BEAUTIFUL day in Hagerman, and I looked and it is a BEAUTIFUL day in Salt Lake also. The fresh air and sunshine will be great for everyone!!! Sure keep you in our prayers and thoughts. Take care. Love you Lots.
Layne and Judy