Monday, May 5, 2008

update Cinco de Mayo Monday 4:28 pm

The doctors came by and told us that Will is a little low on blood again so they are going to give him a unit of blood today, a unit tomorrow and then if he has a need, he will get another on Wednesday. He will try to get up and move around a little bit today, maybe walking to the door again. So some of the plans that they had for Will is being put on hold for a few days. I will let you know what's going on when I know. He is resting better now. The pain isn't so much now.

It is hot today, 81 degrees. I know, last week it snowed. Go figure!
Hope it is warm where you all are. Enjoy the sun.
God bless


Jessica said...

We are keeping you in our prayers! Thanks for keeping us updated Terri. So glad you all got to see Susan and Roger.
Will be in touch soon. Lots of love,

Brenda said...

You are in my prayers. We love you guys. Hang in there.