Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 10 Saturday 5:19 am

The weekend---yea!! That's for all of you that work.

They let Will sleep yesterday (I think he slept all day) and today they are going to start making him work. He did wake up now and then to watch a little bit of the Jazz vs. Lakers game. So sorry, Randy. The nurses come into Will's room to watch the ending. For some reason they like the Jazz around here. A few times yesterday he would wake up and want to work his hands and arms so he would use the dumbbell. He still is so sore, but this too shall pass. He is starting to mouth some of his words. Just when we learned all his sign language, we now have to learn how to lip read. The trach is working well. He has already started to wean some of his numbers down on his vent. Just think, after all this blogging, you all will have such a great understanding of medical terms. Just kidding. Some of the medical terminology in this unit is very funny. One of the doctors told Will yesterday that he had a "slug" of medicine on board. I'm not quite sure how much is a slug??? Anybody know??? One of the favorites used by the nurses is "thingy" (that can mean anything from a pair of scissors to a blood pressure cuff). I told them they must have thrown the medical dictionary out the window. They think I'm funny. :)

For all you procrastinators----Don't forget it's Mother's Day tomorrow. Make you mother feel special. Spend some time with her-that's all any mother wants. My mom came up/down from Hagerman to spend the weekend with me. I will take her out to a nice dinner on Sunday. It should be a nice, warm weekend. Enjoy.
God bless


karrie & jeff said...

So glad the trach is working well. And regarding the medical terminology. Remember having to write those three page detailed lesson plans while we were in college, Terri? No time, now! It's condensed to brief words in a little one by one box in my lesson plan book! It must be the same way with nurses. Jeff and I are headed to the Gooding Health Fair to get blood drawn this morning. Then the Hagerman High School Greenhouse is having their big plant sale. It looks so beautiful inside the greenhouse. I will go get my flowers for my pots. Can't wait. It actually looks like no wind today, finally. Sorry Kim! I'll be outside playing in the dirt while you are in CPR training!! Tough! I'm glad I took my class last week. Terri, have a wonderful Mother's Day. You are such a terrific mom. May God bless your day! Love, Karrie and Jeff

Anonymous said...

You are one in a million!!!!!!