Monday, May 19, 2008

May 20, 2008 Tuesday 2:40 am New Pictures

How about those legs??? Those shorts were the greatest. I wonder why they did away with them? :) The first picture (he's #11) was in fifth grade, I think. The next one was in eighth grade (he's on the far left) when Hagerman used to play Jackpot. The boys in the top picture were all from Hagerman. I don't think we fed our boys enough except for Tommy. Hes the one on the left of Will (same age as Will) Time flies so quickly. Will told me I could share them but if he hears laughter clear up here in SLC I'm in trouble. Don't forget you can double click on the picture and it is bigger.

The doctors are trying to get one of the new meds at the level it needs to be without him sleeping so much. It's still too high I think because all he wants to do is sleep. He did get up and walk to the door a couple of times today again. He sat in the chair, although not as long as yesterday and he only did one and a half hours on the t-trial. Hopefully tomorrow the new dose will kick in and he will be awake more to work on all of these things.

I want to wish my sweet niece a happy, happy birthday. Have a good day, Christi and we are thinking a lot about you. We will celebrate when we get back home. Will reminded me about your birthday but I remembered already. Love you lots.

Will's nurses are getting to know him so well. They have all his hand signals down and they communicate quite well. It's cute so I guess he doesn't need me anymore. I'm going to go eat worms.

Hope everyone has a great, great Tuesday. We will get Will working as soon as he wakes up.
God bless


Dan and Evelyn Peterson said...

Great pictures. With his determined look, I can see why Will is able to fight CF for so many years and then continue fighting to get back on his feet now. I've heard that eating worms is a good source of protein (just kidding of course). It was good to HEAR your voice Sunday. Love to you all.

linda said...

We pray daily for all of you down there,,,,,,,,you guys keep looking upward and keep the faith,,,,,,,,am looking forward to having you all back home soon,,,,,,,love steve and linda hiatt

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics! Terri, Will will always need YOU!
Glad to hear he is getting some rest, hope the figure out the meds soon.
Talk to you soon,