Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday 5/5/08 2:16 am

It was a beautiful day in SLC today. I hope every body's weather was a nice as here. Will had a somewhat quiet day in ICU. He did get up and walk to the door and back. The doctors were quite happy with that. They are meeting tomorrow to set up a plan for Will and his recovery. A few things that they are bringing up should help out. I will let everyone know when I do. He is still on pressure control-meaning the machine is breathing for him.

We did get to visit with Roger and Susan Laughlin. What good friends to make the time to come see us. We all enjoyed the visit even though it had nothing to do with ice cream. Our visits usually come with banana splits. Well, maybe next time.
Angel and Aaron stayed with Will while we visited. Aaron finally got to shave Will. I think he lost ten pounds just by that. He was looking bushy.

We will let you know what's happening today after the drs. come in and let us know what they decided. I know it will be a good thing. People have been sending me pictures to my email. I really thank you. The next best thing than being there.

God bless and stay safe.

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Katie Lardy said...

Hi Terri!
Wish I could have be been there with Mom and Roger to visit with you and Tom. I told them to give you hugs from me.
Even though I'm not there, I think about you, Will, Tom, Angel, and Aaron every day and in my prayers.
Lots of love and wonderful energy sent your way with the sunshine.
Love and hugs,