Friday, May 2, 2008

update May 2 Friday 6:30 pm

Will has had a very busy day. He started the morning with a bronch but it was a little more involved than the normal one. The drs. wanted to see if he had a hole in between his two tubes but they didn't find anything. They took some more biopsies and we got to see his wonderful lungs on the insides. They do look good and Dr. Cahill was surprised that there wasn't more stuff down there. They had to sedate him pretty good for this procedure. And now on to the next procedure.

The next one was a few hours later. This was the procedure to get the new feeding tube replaced. This was a complicated matter and you would not believe all the machines they put in this little, little room. This took about 45 minutes and could have been painful but they sedated him heavily for this too. They had to take xrays to make sure everything was in place. It was.

Now on to the next procedure, and the last for the day. He had to go down to get a CT scan on his lungs. The last xray showed a lot of fluid pushing against his lungs. Then if they needed to, the drs. would insert a couple of drain tubes. This is not something they want to do because of infection concerns. How about this, just as I was finishing typing this part, the dr. came in and told me he ran down to look at the CT scan as they were doing it. It looked better than it did this morning so it doesn't look like they will have to put in chest tubes. YEA. This procedure was very painful so they really, really had to sedate him.

So as you can imagine Will has enough sedation to make an elephant sleep tonight. Will is going to be in his "happy place." I wonder where that is???? Speaking of that, Sumer was his nurse all day through all of this. He (and us) were very happy for that. Couldn't have happened at a better time. We trust her so much to protect Will from all the bad things out there. Nothing would get by her! So that's the day in a nutshell. I was sooooo relieved that he doesn't have to have any chest drain tubes in. It is so uncomfortable and painful. They don't like Will having too much paid meds so it would have made life pretty miserable. So thank you God for that blessing. The rest of the night should go quietly so I will not blog unless something "fun" happens.
Speaking of fun, Angel and Aaron will be here any minute. Can't wait to see them.
Thank you for all the prayers today. They are working.

God bless

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