Thursday, May 8, 2008

update may 8 1:38 pm

Still waiting to go down to surgery. I need to update you because Kim said so. We are on hospital time remember, so who knows when???? This is all going to be good. Love to you all
God bless


whitehouse said...

thank you so much Terri. Your a great friend. I know if the waiting is hard for me, it must be so much more difficult for Will. So remember Will, Terri, and Tom we are all praying and thinking about you. Love ya all lots.

Coach said...

Thanks for listening to Kim. This is the only time you have to listen to her.
Thanks for the update.

Jessica said...

We're praying for you Will and family! Sounds like the docs have really thought this through and I'm sure if Will is for it then it's a step in the right direction. Thanks for the detailed explanation Terri! It helped me relax after I saw the word surgery.
Well, keep us updated and please squeeze Will's hand from me!
Give Tom a hug too!