Friday, May 16, 2008

Beautiful Sunshine---Fresh Air Pictures as promised

As Martin Luther King once said, "Free at last... free at last....thank God Almighty, we're free at last!" This is what Will wanted to say as he rolled away. But, alas, we caught him and brought him back in. :) But we did get some serious sunshine for a few minutes. Doesn't he look good???
The sun did hurt his skin so we had to try to stay in the shade. It was a beautiful day in SLC.

I had to hold the camera so Tom is the one that is pushing him up that giant hill. He now has a bed next to Will's. Just teasing. And of course the nurse that was with us was Carolyn, aka Mama Bear. Notice the Celtics hat? Go green!
Will post more later this morning. It was a wonderful outing. Hopefully we will be able to go out again tomorrow with Angel but I don't know who his nurse is going to be.
God blessed us with a beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Will you're looking good! Love the hat, bet Coach did too.
Terri I know Coach is going to rip on you for saying you had to hold the camera, but I know it's true.... wanted to get some good pics for Father's Day coming up and how could you do that if Tom had the camera. LOL
I hope you get outside tomorrow too. Give Angel a big hug for me! Sure she is ready for summer to be here.

Dixie said...

How wonderful that he got to go outside. You are looking good Will. I hope you can make a trip out every day or every couple of days. Hope you can sweet talk those nurse into making you a special pepsi ice chips. LOl.
I'm glad Angel gets to come up. Hopefully you can have a family outing tomorrow. Keep up the good work Will.

Dixie and James

Dan and Evelyn Peterson said...

What a glorious sight as I pulled up the blog for the first time in a long time. My computer crashed so I have been out of touch. There is truly Victory in Jesus. Sunshine and Sonshine are wonderful healers. To catch up some things about Dan and I: We did go on the mule ride in Grand Canyon. I hugged the mule and the inside canyon wall the whole trip. Great once in a life time experience. We are back in good ole Idaho, wind and all. It looks like you all are getting close to coming home also. Will, you look so good.

Somer Love said...


This made my whole entire day! Will I am so glad you got to get some natural vitamin D! Wow it had to feel so good to get out there! I am so proud of you keep up al the great work!!!


Christine said...

These pictures are amazing! :) I really need to come visit!! Wow! I am so proud to see him out and about getting some sunshine because it has been absolutely gorgeous! :) Have a great weekend!