Friday, May 30, 2008

May 31 Sat. PICTURES 3:36 am

Here is some pictures of the party (our housewarming, although nobody brought gifts. The first picture is our food table out in the hall. The one helping herself is Shaleena. She likes her picture taken and laughs at everything. I put little palm trees on the table along with sunglasses and leis. The sign on our window says "Welcome to the Harbison's Hawaiian Hilton." We decided since we're pretending we might as well go far. The next picture is of our door. It has a huge picture of dolphins jumping and over on the left, you can barely see it, is a blow up pelican. I even put little decals on the windows. The pictures in Will's room didn't come out very well so I will try to borrow the nurses' copies. They took some for their scrapbooks. I had banners, a huge palm tree and streamer of hula girls and some more leis. Oh, and a giant, red, blow-up parrot. When I take pictures of Will tomorrow with Coach I will try to get a picture of that too.

The picture of Sumer bending over Will is when I was shaving him. I had to get a bunch of long hair that had grown close to his trach. He told me not to touch it because it could drop in his

trach-which it couldn't. I said okay. Sumer comes in and with her sweet voice says that Will has some long hair down by his neck and could she get it out for him. He said yes. Guys!!! Always a sucker for a pretty face over their mothers.

We are hoping for a warm day because we are going to try to get Will out for a wheelchair ride outside again. Carolyn said she would take him when Coach gets here. It will be nice for him. Then we are supposed to get another visit. Little Tyler Osborne (along with his parents, Megan and Curt) came up so I could hug him very tight. I haven't got to meet Tyler yet so I'm so excited. I have some great stories to tell him about his daddy when he was in school. I just wish Will could visit with them. But no kids are allowed. Company is so fun. I should have new pictures in the next day or two.

Will watched the big Celtics game last night with Coach. I am sure glad that they won. Now it's going to be like old, old times. Celtics and the Lakers. How fun---GO GREEN!

God bless


Dan and Evelyn Peterson said...

You will love Tyler. He is such a cutie. Your party looked like such fun. Sorry we missed it. Hope your next party is a homecoming in Hagerman.
Just getting out should really lift Will's spirit and the Celtic's win didn't hurt either I imagine.
Still praying and loving

Judy said...

Dear Tom, Terri, and Will, Your party sounded great and I LOVE the decorations. I am with the Peterson's - the next party will be in Hagerman. Curt and Megan had a great time visiting with you and Will, and Tyler loved being around Tom and Terri (he told me so). Have a great rest of the weekend. We love you lots and our prayers are with you. Love, Layne and Judy