Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 18 Sunday 2:05 am

With a little encouragement from his sister, Will sat up in a hard chair (for the first time in weeks) and did a t-trial test. He stayed up in bed for 2 h 45 min. it's better than he did yesterday which is what we want-longer time than the day before. Angel just kept talking and talking, keeping him entertained. I took some pictures but they didn't turn out right so I didn't put them on this blog. Angel went home tonight instead of tomorrow. She needed a day at home to catch up after being sick a few days this week.
Will's still sleeping a lot but that will be taken care of once the new med levels out in his system.

It was very, very hot here--88 degrees. I heard from home that it was hot there too. Hope everyone is using sunscreen. :) I still haven't trusted the weather to put up my winter coat yet. There will probably be snow one more time, maybe????

Well I hope you all are going to enjoy your home church this morning. I miss mine a lot but still feel so close to everyone there because of the power of prayer. It lets you reach across miles and makes you feel like you're home. Thanks for that everyone.
God bless everyone and keep you safe.


whitehouse said...

Good Morning Harbisons. As always, we miss you all and dream about the sweet day when your all back home and we are laughing, playing games, throwing the ball over the house, gazing at the million dollar fish, or just sharing a meal together. How wonderful that day will be. Have a good day. You will be missed at church.

Dan and Evelyn Peterson said...

We are so thankful for Will's progress. My mother is thrilled also. She always admired Will's determination. She broke her hip this winter and is in T F care center. While there, she also broke her arm and her pelvis but is healing very fast and says there is very little pain. God is merciful. We look forward to seeing you all home.

Judi and Buck said...

Good morning. Another hot day and, yes, do not put the winter coat away yet. Glad Will is finding new strength and being outside had to be a great feeling. Praying for continued healing and strength for you.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

Good Evening,
Glad you had a good weekend! So glad Angel was able to make it there. Good job Will sitting up for so long, I could so see your sister talking, talking, talking to you! I don't know how you put up with all of us girls.
Have a wonderful week! Will be in touch,