Sunday, May 11, 2008

May 12, 2008 Monday 5:34 am

Here we are celebrating being mothers. It was a good day. We had just finished with our dinner and the restaurant where we ate gave us flowers. So we had them take a picture for us. I brought Tom up a dinner from there also.

Will didn't have that great of day though. He didn't sleep the night before because he seems to be having some reactions to some of the new medicines. So they are trying to figure out what is happening. Then he had a bad day today with vomiting and itching and restlessness. Tom had a rough day with him while I was home sleeping and visiting with my mother. Now tonight he hasn't slept again. He had a real bad reaction to a med that they gave him for the itching. He got a rash on his body and then he had 4 hours of hallucinations. Not fun at all. The nurse helped me hold him and keep him from hurting himself. She was sweet. Finally about 5 a.m. he seemed to be coming out of it. So we were able to sit back a little. Still he has a lot of vomiting and other things so maybe we can focus our prayers on that today.

Before the hallucinations started he did get up and stand for me twice. Then he took two steps up and two steps back. He said that was for me. How sweet was that!! It took all his reserve energy I'm afraid. He did the t tube testing again and he did two hours the first time and over two hours the next. That's what the doctor wanted to see. But the doctors will get this new wrinkle ironed out (not really a medical term) and then he can get some rest and start working again on the vent settings.

Hope everybody is having a great Monday. Thanks for the prayers and love.
We are giving them right back to you all.
God bless


whitehouse said...

Good Morning Harbison Family. Happy Monday morning, sorry to hear you have had some rough past 2days. Remember, we are all praying that God will continue to strenghten you during this time.

"I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me" phil 4:13

Randy, that was really sweet of you to call Terri yesterday and say how great of a mother she is, how much you appreciate her, how pretty she is, how much you look up to her advice, and most of all, how much you truly love her. You made her day. Thanks :)

Coach said...

Will, we are going to have to shut down your blog if people don't stop using it to send out lies !!!!
I hope you don't have to hear what Kim said today because it will set you back sveral weeks. I think Kim has been making some of that homemade stuff again and drinking way to much of it.
I hope you have a better day today. You may need to call Doc Rivers and have a visit with him today. I'm going to call Phil.

Lthsldy said...

Whoa! Hold on just one minute. Randy saying something nice about Terri... I'm thinking the hallucinations that Will is having are sympathy ones for those that Randy had in order to say such things.

Be strong, Will. We're all behind you!