Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday September 1, 2008 12:10 am

September already. Pretty soon we are going to be saying 2009 already.

Will's day was not as good as we wanted it to be. He had a allergic reaction to the medicine they have been giving him for the stomach trouble. We thought it was starting to work, too. Oh well, back to the drawing board. Since he didn't get any sleep last night because of the itching and then this morning he was having such trouble breathing that he couldn't get off the vent, he didn't do any walking. After they had to give him steroids and iv benedryl he started breathing okay. He slept for about four hours without moving a muscle. That takes a lot out of a person. His heart was really working overtime. Everything is back to normal tonight.

Hopefully we can get a walk in this morning before dialysis starts. I will have to leave around five tonight. It will be hard again to drive back. I am praying that it won't be for much longer. He needs to get back to Idaho before Utah starts putting him on the jury duty list.

There was a terrible storm tonight and the thunder just rattled Will's hospital window. I thought it was going to break. Will didn't let me jump in his bed with him though. I told him I was a little afraid he told me to get over it. He's so caring and compassionate.

Please keep the people in your prayers that are experiencing the terrible hurricane effects. I will also. This is still a holiday so I hope everyone gets one more good day of play time before summer is over for good.

Thanks to all of Will's faithful readers. God bless


Anna said...

Hi Will, myself and I am sure many others are awaiting your arrival back to Idaho. The hospital you visit here is going to have to give you your own wing for the friends and family you will have visiting. Take Care!

Toni Mendive said...

Hello all Harbisons,
I still read the blog every day and want you to know that I pray for all of you often. You're all really something!
We had our month of Summer and today it's Fall!

Jessica said...

Hey Will and Family,
We are thinking about you and praying for you all. Looks like the hurricanes are coming our way... just as we are getting ready to vacation in Orlando! We will be okay Terri! The last Tropical Storm was worse than a lot of the hurricanes that have hit, because usually a hurricane has speed that comes with it, so they will leave fairly quickly (usually a day or two), but that storm that hit us lingered or 3-4 days. A lot of the areas around us had flooding up to a week later because of the rivers and such. Our area did really well because we are on a coquina bed so it drains right off.
Hope you are feeling better Will. Jesalyn has be on benadryl for her mosquito bites. UGH! She swells up pretty good every time...

Jessica said...

PS Some of your wind and snow storms are worse than our hurricanes! The media like to make it look worse! Usually when you see a house completely destroyed, it's a mobile home.