Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sept. 9., 2008 Tuesday 1:00 am

I just got home from SLC and as I unpack the car I feel so different. I thought I would share those feelings with you all since you have been on this journey with us for the last 6 1/2 months. I'm being torn two different ways. I never thought I would be sad to see my home, but believe me people when you hear "home is where your heart is," it's the truth. My house is too empty to be my home. I need all my family here so that is what I am going to be praying for really hard the next few days. After all these tests, after all these days, and after all the doctors, we have to be getting close to some answers. Will needs to be coming back to Idaho soon.

God has given us so many blessings already. He has His plan for Will. I pray and pray that it's bringing him closer to the time that he gets to come home to all the people that love him.

So the test were done today, the endoscopy and the colonoscopy. It was not fun to prep for this procedure. We were up all night "cleaning" out everything there was in Will. We don't have any answers yet because they took cultures and biopsies of different areas that they found some concern with. It takes a few days to get any results. The doctor that did the procedure forgot to come in and talk to Tom and me. When we asked to see him they told us he was already doing another procedure and he will come up and talk to us afterward. Well, he didn't show. So we have more questions than answers right now.

That brings me to a funny story, well maybe not funny, but it tells you where Will's head is right now. I was getting ready to leave and I told Will to try to keep a positive attitude this week. He told me he's positive that nothing will get done. No, that's not the funny part, in fact that's sad to hear from him. Anyway, I told him that I had been praying harder the last few days and that might be what he needs to be doing. He asked if he could pray for the doctors to show up when they say they would--this is his sarcastic voice here. I said God could do anything---thinking I am very wise and giving him such food for thought. He said he doubts the doctors probably would even show up if God told them to. They probably have another meeting first. Okay so it wasn't that funny but I like it when Will starts having a little spirit. He's been just getting more disheartened these last weeks. We were so close to being out of there, it's hard for him to see the progress slipping backwards. ALL in God's perfect timing. That seems to be my mantra this last month. ALL in God's perfect timing.

He had his dialysis within minutes of getting back to the room after the procedure. They took 3 more liters off during the four hour procedure. He slept most of the day away which was what was expected. Yesterday because of all the goings on, Will stayed off the vent for 15 hours--new record. I hear your cheers right now, and I will pass them on to Will. Tom will be waiting to hear from the doctors and I will let you know what they say. Grandma and Grandpa Atwood are coming up today and spending a few days with Will to help out. That's good because Grandma Cherie loves to rub Will's feet. Good times ahead for Will. We will continue to hope and pray that Will's health will improve.

Psalm 52:9
I will praise You forever for what You have done;
in Your name I will hope, for Your name is good.
I will praise You in the presence of Your saints.

Amen and God bless


Bina said...

Hi Will and family! Just wanted to drop you a quick line and remind you that you're still in my thoughts and prayers daily. Things have been crazy busy with school, studying, and working. Just know I still think about you every day!! Will, you are the epitome of hard work and a positive attitude. I hope you realize how much everyone that knows you feeds off of your amazing example (especially me!). I miss you so much and I could really use some 'Will time' right about now! I know everyone is missing you more than you'll ever realize! I am definitely one of those people! Ok, I have to get ready for work now. Stay positive and remember how far you've come! All of this is so incredible and you are a true life inspiration. Love you tons!!! -Bina

Haneys said...

Will, everyone has had their share of bad experiences with a doc, but I'm sure you beat us all! Just remember, for all of those wonderful things they are doing for you, there are bound to be a few disappointments! Sheesh, they've helped us get this far, they can't be all bad:) I know you still believe you are surrounded by people who only want the best for you, so don't let these hard times stay hard! Like Auntie says, you're almost there! Everyone misses you and is cheering you on from the sidelines.
Life is busy here these days. School is back in full swing and unfortunately I feel left off the pendulum. Just rusty from the relaxing summer I had with Ruston, hanging out at home. We took him on his 1st camping trip last weekend and I'm having trouble getting pics out to you...just know that he had a blast, got very dirty and ate lots of junk food! Arron is still working out of town during the week and home on the weekends, so we're getting along great! HA! Really, we miss him and try to enjoy each other fully when we do get to spend time.
We'll keep up the prayers! Give Grandma and Grandpa love from the Haneys!