Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sept, 28, 2008 Sunday 1:10 am

Well, our apartment is so empty. We just have the little air mattress and a kitchen chair and some junk left to load. We should be out of there on Tuesday. Then we will see what we are doing but we will probably just get a little hotel room around here because it will be cheaper than renting the apartment for another month.

Will and I took a walk and then I pushed him outside for a little ride around the buildings. It was a beautiful September day. We wanted to go outside again in the morning hopefully. The big Cowboys game is on about 2:00. So then we will be watching TV. Hopefully Danny will be here to play by play but if he's not, then I'm all he's got. I think I do a good job, I just get a little confused. All I say is somebody has the ball and then they are running really fast and someone else is chasing them. I think that's good enough, right??? Sometimes they kick it too. (Is it any wonder that Will has any sanity left????) Danny better be here :)

We had a visit from Tania and then Kelly came up. Remember they are the transplant coordinators. They are some of the sweetest people I have ever met. We are very lucky to have them watching out for Will. They just came up to visit because they know I am only here on the weekends. Sweet. Dr. Cahill is out of town until Sunday night so I won't be seeing her this trip.

I got to see Tanya today. She is so wonderful. Still a big grin on her face even with that tube down her throat. She looks good and pink. They moved her to the intensive care unit that we were in for 4 1/2 months. In fact they are in the same room we moved out of. I will stop by tomorrow and see her again before I have to head back home to Idaho. Maybe I will take Will with me. That would do both of them some good.

Tom is heading back our way in the afternoon and then I will be heading back. Angel and Aaron called Will and said they had a great time taking some kids to the big park and feeding the ducks in Boise.

Have a wonderful Sunday and God bless

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Donna said...

I really think your play by play commentary is very accurate, Terri. What more could Will ask for? I mean who cares what down it is or what yard they're on? The only thing that matters is if the Cowboys get more home runs - or is it baskets? (I can never get it straight) Anyway, the important thing is that the Cowboys win - right Will? Have a great day you guys! Love, Donna