Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday September 2, 2008 12:45 am

I just got back from Salt Lake, it's so much easier to leave him when he's feeling better. It's a lot harder when he isn't. He had a terrible day today with lots of pain and not much he can do about it. I thought yesterday was rotton. His right front of his stomach is so sore to the touch and it really hurts when he coughs so they wanted him to go down and have a CAT scan on it to see if the feeding tube was infiltrating. That was this morning and they came about 5:30 this afternoon to get him for the CAT scan. (I'm getting tired of this "hospital time") In case he needed any surgical procedure, they turned off his feeding tube and held his meds--that included his pain meds. So I waited to come back to Hagerman until we knew something. At 8:30 tonight they still hadn't heard from the radiologist so I had to get on the road. Tom called about 10:30 and said the dr. just called and said the feeding tube wasn't infiltrated so that was really good news. Why he's hurting so badly---we don't know and they will figure it out tomorrow.

I know this sounds like I'm frustrated---well, I am. He just starts doing better and then something has to happen to set him back again. And if I think I'm frustrated, I can't even imagine what Will's feeling. He was pretty much growling at everybody today. Thank goodness everyone understands where he's coming from. Tom stayed with him until after midnight to make sure he's doing better and able to control the pain somewhat.

They did do a four hour dialysis early this morning but they couldn't take any fluids off because of his blood pressure. The kidney doctors hope that when this last episode of the allergic reaction is out of his body, then the blood pressure will be stronger and he can start getting some fluids off again.

I want to again thank God that the people that are taking care of Will are so caring. The nursing staff is unbelievably compassionate and try to do everything in their power to help Will get his positive attitude back. I hope God heaps His blessings on them all. I can never thank them enough-not just one or two but all of them that have been taking care of him the last six months.

We haven't seen much of Dr. Cahill lately so maybe if she comes in today things will start happening. I know we will have better news this evening. Please say extra prayers for attitude adjustments that we need :). We DO feel God's loving hand in all of this-look how far He's got Will already. (okay, my venting is done now). Hope you all had a great three day weekend, now it's back to work.

God bless


T*A*N*Y*A* said...

Will is always in my prayers.. Tell him I think about him all the time..
Much love to you all!!

Lthsldy said...

Extra prayers and positive thoughts are coming your way!

Dig deep, Will. We miss you and want you back in Idaho soon.

Lots of hugs and well wishes.

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you Will, Terri and Tom... and family and friends that are worrying and frustrated too!
Terri you are welcome to vent any time! You strength has been unbelievable and you are Will's rock. Remember he wants you to be there with those kids! You are an awesome teacher and they are SO fortunate to get you back in the classroom.
I'll be thinking of you often, often, often!
Will keep fighting... God's hands are at work!
Love you all tons,

FinnFamily said...

I am terrible at keeping in touch but our family is continually reading the blog to check what each day brings. Will is the most amazing person I know and I am looking forward to the day I get to talk some ball with him. God is great and we will continue to pray for blessings and miracles. Stay Strong, Stay Positive!!

Houston, Rachel, Dani, Joey