Thursday, September 11, 2008

Friday Sept. 12, 2008 12:10 am

It's Friday and when school gets out, I'll be on my way back to SLC. Grandma and Grandpa Atwood are leaving this morning to go back to Boise. Will sure has enjoyed having them there. I'm afraid Grandma spoils Will a lot more than his mom does.

Will got up and walked today to the double doors. He was throwing up a lot so he couldn't go any farther. That was a good walk. Today, Friday, they want to try to get another four to five liters of fluid off when they do dialysis. His feet are still so swollen that when he steps of them, they hurt. With the other four liters off, that should help his feet so much.

Dr. Cahill put Will on a different drug to help his stomach troubles. This is the same drug that they use for Aids patients. She is just going to start him off on a low, low dose and see what it does. Hopefully we will see some results.

Angel and Aaron are headed to Boise this weekend to be with Aaron's daughter. They stay at Aaron's mom's house and they can take their dog, Duke, also. They will have a great weekend together.

So tomorrow night I will be posting from the hospital. I hope he looks better than he did last Friday when I got there. We will try to get him outside again this weekend if the weather cooperates. Maybe I can get some new pictures up also. I hope all of you have made great plans with your families or friends. Stay safe.

God bless


Jessica said...

Sorry I have missed a whole week Harbison Family. Martin and I took the kids to Orlando for some family time. It was great! Florida educators get in free to SeaWorld so we went there and then surprised a friend of ours daughter with tickets to Disney on Ice. It was wonderful! Disney is amazing!!!
We also spent a day at Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, with three days to just relax at the Nickalodeon Hotel. It was a nice break from the rushing that comes with the first weeks of school. Plus it made me really get in gear to be ready for a sub for a week. Not sure I'll try that venture again (lol) but it was nice this time.
Will you are in our prayers! Sorry to hear that you are still not feeling up to par. We love and miss you and we'll be prayering extra hard this week.

Terri, we will pray for you and Tom as well. I can't imagine how hard it is to not get much time together! Our thoughts are with you!

Brandon, Tonya, and Girls said...
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Brandon, Tonya, and Girls said...

It's 1:39 am, Saturday morning.
I spent Friday canning peaches and I drank so much Pepsi that I can't go to sleep. Of course drinking Pepsi totally reminds me of you so I thought I'd let you know. I'm almost jittery from all of the caffiene.
We are going down to the park in the morning for the big Juvenile Diabetes Walk. The girls are very excited to go and walk.
Then, we'll come home and finish canning peaches and start some pears. And, I'll definitely need more Pepsi to get through that. So then I'll start the cycle all over again and I won't be able to sleep tomorrow night.