Friday, September 19, 2008

Sept. 19, 2008 Friday 12:10 am

It's Friday. Who knows, I might be the only one that gets soooooooooo excited for the end of the week. This trip up to SLC is going to be so much better this weekend. Will is feeling so much stronger and tonight he walked all the way around the unit. For those that haven't been on the floor---that's a long way. I don't know how many steps because I haven't had to count that high yet. But you can bet that I will as soon as I get up there. I'm going to get off half a day so it will be shortly after noon when I can go.

Friday and Saturday are his dialysis days but I'm not expecting that great of a walk. On Sunday though he's walking as far as today and then one more step. Coach will be coming down Friday after school and then going right back after the visit. That's just crazy but it's so nice of him. Will's got such good friends.

I didn't get a report on Tanya today so I assume it's all good. I will let you know tomorrow night when I blog. I think Tom will be leaving around the same time as I am so we will be passing on the freeway somewhere. We'll wave to each other if we can. Tom is really excited about coming home and seeing his friends and brothers.

They are doing the brain MRI as I type this. They took him down just right before midnight. Don't you just love hospital time? Tom and Will waited all day and then waited all night. They are giving Will a lot of medication to relax him so they can do the MRI this time. Hopefully there won't be any vomiting. We should know something about the test tomorrow.

I will be blogging from the hospital room tomorrow night. I should have lots to say (well, when don't I?).
God bless

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Haneys said...

Safe trip to both you and Uncle Tom, and I can't wait to see the results of the MRI. Hoping all went well and will be praying for lots of great results with dialysis and then a big walk-finale, like you said! Love you and miss you all!