Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Sept.9 2008 1:05 am

I'm back in Hagerman again. I'm feeling a little better than when I left him last week because he seems to be doing a little better. Many of you are able to call him and be put on speaker phone so he can hear your voices. I think that is so good for him to remember his friends and family and hear what's happening in your life. Boredom is getting to be a big problem for Will. We are trying to think of ways to entertain him. He does listen to books on tape but you can only do that for so many hours in the day.

Shannon, Will's cousin, and Tia, Will's aunt, are coming up to see him on Monday and they will go home Tuesday afternoon. Many of you remember that Shannon and Will lived together while they were going to college. There's a lot about that time in Will's life that I don't really want to know about. I do know they had a great time though. Will is really looking forward to his visit.

Will got to sleep in a little this morning, I think it was almost 10:00 before they woke him up. Then he did his meds and got a treatment. For lunch he ate a little cream of wheat and it stayed down for a while, which is good. It just didn't come right back up, well it did, but not until later. So that's good. Then he walked and for those that have been following his "steps" in his walking, this was a new record. He walked 164 steps. It was easier for him because in the last three days he has dropped 13 pounds in his weight. His feet are still swollen but they don't hurt as much.

We took him outside again today. That is really good for him. His motion sickness gets to him but he still will try to go out. Perseverance. The day in SLC was beautiful. It was in the low 80's and nice and breezy so as long as I kept Will in the shade he was happy, but eventually his O2 tank runs out and we have to go back. We had a good visit and he got caught up with his messages. He's looking forward to the Cowboys game on Monday Night Football. Go Cowboys.

God has blessed us with so much. Sometimes it's good just to have a few minutes to reflect on His goodness. I pray all of you can take a few minutes, look around and just see how good our God is. I was driving home and I just knew He put that in my heart to comfort me as I'm leaving Will again. Will is getting such good care from all the nurses up there and also his wonderful dad is there to help him. He's fine, Tom's fine, we all are just fine. Our thanks goes out to everybody that cares for us and mostly for all the continued prayers for Will's recovery. We'll be home soon.

God is awesome and I pray that He will bless all of you.

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Mason & Suzy said...

Just wanted to drop a note! I haven't commented in a while, although I've been checking in quite regularly. I'm sure ou all have a bit of Will's motion sickness at times from this amazing roller coaster that life has put you all on. I'm forever in awe of your perserverance Will. That was the right word for it Terry! I love you all so much. You're constantly in my prayers. I'll check in soon again and make certain to comment more often.
Love always,