Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Sept. 16, 2008 6:25 am

Wonderful, wonderful news today!!!
Our good friend Tanya got two beautiful lungs yesterday. She is doing fantastic and everything is looking great. Please keep her in your prayers for a full recovery. What a super day for her and her family. Also we need to say a prayer for the donor's family and thank them for the wonderful gift of life. Will couldn't stop grinning, he was very happy for her. Tom went down several times to visit with the family throughout the day.

Will had a good day. Shannon, his cousin came up and they had a good visit. Tom's sister was up to (that's Shannon's mom). Will had dialysis and they took 2 liters off. He's almost back to his dry weight. They watched the Dallas game last night and it was a good one with Dallas taking the win. Way to go Cowboys!!!

I need to finish getting ready for school. Have a great day
God bless

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Jessica said...

What Wonderful News!!!! Haven't even met Tanya but through your blog I feel like she's just part of the familiy... I'm sure I'll see her someday! So glad to hear that dialysis is going well... sending our love, thought, and prayers your way. We will definitely be thinking about the donor's family... what an emotional rollercoaster to think about both ends! Hopefully they will be able to find peace in the gift of life that another family has received... though I'm sure I'd still be extremely saddened myself if it were my family~
Love and hugs...