Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Sept. 5 1:22 am

Will walked just a little outside of his room. His feet are hurting too much and he's still not feeling that well today. I thought he would be doing better because this is his off day. Nope, he's just not feeling well at all.

Tomorrow he will do dialysis again and the doctors think they might have a way of cooling the blood during dialysis and not having Will freeze for four hours. I am not quite sure how they are going to do it but Tom said he will have them explain everything as they go. Then I will let you all know. It's amazing how they can change things like that. I just hope that they can get some of the fluid off. He will probably feel so much better if he did.

His stomach is still the same and he's still vomiting whenever he moves too much. I don't know how Will even wants to get up and walk. Well, I will be going up there just as soon as school is out. Angel and Aaron are coming up also so Will will have some new company to visit with. Coach can't come down this weekend because he's going up to Seattle (I think) to watch those silly Yankees. Why is he even wasting his money, especially this year??? Will's been enjoying listening to the Mets' game on the radio. They play almost everyday.

I will let everyone know what's going on first hand when I get up there. I don't know why Tom won't write the blog since he is actually seeing what's going on. Hmm... maybe if I paid him....

God bless and TGIF

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