Saturday, September 6, 2008

August 6, 2008 Saturday late, late, late

I'm so sorry I worried so many people. I left the hospital about three this morning and thought about doing the blog when I got back to the apt. Well, I left the computer at the hospital so no blog. I had so many calls before 8 to check on Will. So I apologize for the worry but I really appreciate all the concern. I told Will about all the calls and that made him feel good. He's feeling the love people. Thanks

I got up to the hospital about 8:00 last night. Angel and Aaron got up there just a few minutes before I did so Will was up talking to them when I walked in. I could tell by his face that he was hurting, and he really has gotten more swollen than when I left him Monday night. So what's up with all that????? His stomach problem is a little worse and he's just tired of it all. So it's a good thing that Aaron and Angel are here. They will get his spirits up for sure. He hasn't walked in about four days. We are going to try to get him off the vent sometime today. I will remember to blog tonight before I go back to the apartment for sure.

Right now, Will and Angel are playing a game of war. Aaron is checking and making sure that Angel doesn't cheat so rest assured he's got Will's back. Aaron went back to school this semester and he's doing his homework up here too. He's just so smart.

God bless


Judy said...

Hi Will and your Hot Secretary - We all are so programed to check the blog every AM - that when we don't see any info - we do get worried. So Will - you know how much you are loved. I sure hope you start to get better and back on your feet. We all want you home soon. Tonight we are going to Camille's Wedding. It will be fun to see everyone. Take care. Love you Lots. Layne and Judy

Karen Atwood said...

Well, I am certainly relieved to see your blog. Whew! When you are so faithful to post, we take it for granted! I think that all those wonderful doctors and nurses need to get busy on the stomach issues. I don't suppose a bottle of peptobismal (sp?) would work??? Just kidding, but with everything else you have encountered and they have fixed, it seems like it's time for you to get a little relief from the pain that has been with you so long. Love you, Will!