Saturday, September 6, 2008

More news coming soon

The Harbison family is all together in Salt Lake :) The computer is temporarily out of service, so a complete report will be posted within the next few hours. Thank you for your patience and all of the continued prayers.

The Hot Secretary!


~B~ said...

While we're waiting for the update I thought I would comment on yesterday's mention of Uncle Tom writing the blog. I'm pretty sure it would end up looking something like this...

"Some nurses came in today and did some tests. Will didn't feel well. He walked some. He went off the vent some. He slept some."

I know you agree with me, Uncle Tom, when I say, under no circumstances should Aunt Terri relinquish her blogging duties to you...ever! (I gotch your back.)

Luv you guys.

Thunder said...

Hey coach!!! I have a surprise for you....I want to send you a picture of something I am doing this Friday.So as soon as it happens I am going to find a way of sending it to you. I hope everything is going good for ya.
Love always and forever,