Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sept. 17, 2008 Wednesday 12:45 am

In case our blog readers don't realize, I thought I would leave a little social studies lesson for you all to read. Today is Constitution Day. This is the day that we celebrate our founding fathers writing the great Constitution that governs our land. Teachers, if they get any federal monies, have to teach a lesson on this today, the government has mandated it so. Well I have a good lesson planned on the first amendment. So I will let everyone know how it goes. Okay, enough of the schooling.

Will's day went great. He had Shannon still here visiting and then Danny, their cousin, came over to visit in the morning. I really prayed hard for the nurses that had to put up with the three of them together in one room. I'm sure the nurses went home today and said there are just some days they don't pay us enough (and they're right). When we have family gatherings, we don't let those three stay together. Well, last I heard the hospital is still standing--so good news. Will had a great time with them and they kept him laughing most the time. They're goofballs.

Will had a good, good day. He walked and Tom got him to walk farther than he did with me this weekend. It must be some kind of competition. Well, all I can say is "bring it on" LOL
Will and his visitors took him outside for a ride but it was too hot to stay out long. He stayed awake most of the day and had a great time visiting until Shannon and Tia had to leave.

Tom's sister made him some stew and homemade bread and brought it up with her. He was a very happy camper. We need to be out of our apartment by the end of this month so Shannon helped Tom load some stuff up in his truck and Tom is going to come home to Idaho while I am up there this weekend.

Will was due to have a MRI done on his head because of the terrible motion sickness that he experiences every time he tries to move. They took him down to the MRI place and he couldn't quit throwing up long enough to get the MRI done. Now what?? They need that done so they can see why he's throwing up but they can't do it because he's throwing up. Why does Will have to make everything so difficult? So we will see what the doctors say tomorrow about it. He was off the vent the whole day. Tomorrow is dialysis day.

Tanya, our Cf friend that had her transplant yesterday, is doing very well. She's awake and recognizes everyone. Her lungs are working well. We just couldn't be happier for her. I hope she's out of the hospital in a few weeks. I can't wait to see her and her family this weekend when I'm in SLC. She still needs lots of prayers for recovery. Thank you. I will put some pictures of her on here soon.

Thanks for all the prayers and the loyalty to Will and his recovery.
God bless

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Jessica said...

I couldn't imagine it any other way... where would we all be without Will? A piece of our hearts/happiness would be missing for sure! LOVE YA WILL!!!
Sounds like his day was really GREAT... I'm glad they are getting him outside, can't wait for our weather to get cooler. We had some pretty serious thunderstorms today... my poor lil kg students! It was SO loud and we were trying to get in from recess. Of course the wind was blowing so they were getting wet and laughing/yelling, you could just imagine.
They were adorable, but we had to talk about the yelling thing. I had 40 students at the time! Scary isn't it...
thanks for the lesson, when does the official class start?
Talk to ya soon, love ya lots and give Will huge hugs when you get down there this weekend!