Sunday, September 7, 2008

September 7 Sunday 1:49 am

Today was a little better than yesterday. Will is getting pain meds a little more frequently and that seems to help. He had dialysis and they took off three liters again. They did that yesterday also. It seems that Will might have an extra twenty one pounds of fluid to get off still. Dialysis has already taken off 8 liters this week. Which is about 17 pounds. I don't know where it's coming from, neither does the doctors. But I think they have found an answer for dialysis. They give Will a shot an hour before and it seems to keep his blood pressure up. So now maybe they can keep getting fluids off along with the toxins.

He walked a little tonight and then we put him in a wheelchair and went for a walk outside. It was a beautiful evening, with a nice little breeze blowing. He was off the vent for about four hours today.

A good friend of Will's got married tonight. Congratulation Camille and Cody, we sure wish we could have been there.

Tom didn't come up today because he's not feeling too well today. He stayed at the apartment and slept. He is already feeling a little better. Maybe just a little cold. He'll stay away from Will until he feels better for sure.

I will be getting this blog up on time but I wanted to thank our "hot" secretary for filling in for us this morning. She's also feeding our animals back home. Thanks "hot" secretary.

No dialysis on Sunday and maybe we can get him on a bigger walk today.

God bless and enjoy your wonderful Sunday.


Mindy Lou said...

Will, I pray that you have a better day. I know everyone is doing their best for you and you are in great hands, we all just wish those "hands" were closer to home! :D

Love you all!

Christi said...

Grandma and Mom and B are on their way over this morning to have coffee and watch Oprah. Wanna come over Will? :-) We are watching the episode about that book "Eat, Pray, Love" and then I think we are all going to go get the book and read it together. I am passing the word so you will go get it Auntie and we will do like a girlie book club thingie. (technical term) Angel, I cant remember if you read, but if you do - you must join the club :-) Now that I think of it - we have the ability to start a giant girls' book forum here - so all of the female (and subsequently coolest) blog followers should go get it and we will change the world while we read it together. Will cant possibly be the only with the power to change the world...although he has figured out a way that makes it so he doesnt even have to read to do it :-) Oprah can make any book look good, so I really hope the book doesnt suck or I will feel really bad for reeling y'all in. I wont feel bad for long though - I am an English teacher, so I will just change the motivation to getting you all to read. :-)