Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sept. 3, 2008 Wednesday

Will took a ride outside today with Tom, a respitory therapist, occupational therapist and a nurse. What a parade. Tom said it was good to get him out of the room for a while. Maybe after this weekend he needed a change even if it was only for a minute. He did take a short walk and he stayed off his vent for about 11 hours. He still is hurting and they are trying to figure that out and they will try something new for his stomach troubles as soon as they find something.

Dr. Cahill came in and she had taken the weekend off so she didn't know any of the stuff that went on. She is going to do some tests on Will tonight and tomorrow and "get to the bottom of it"
Those are her words so it will be done.
This is a little set back but I was so happy that he walked. Coach said I start all this stuff with Will on the weekend and then poor Dr. Tom has to get everything fixed up. He's real funny like that. I know this week Will will be so much better.

Our prayers worked again because Hurrican Gustav wasn't as bad as predicted. Thank you, God. Those poor people in Lousiana didn't need any more trouble. They are still reeling from Hurrican Katrina, three years ago. At least there are homes to go home to this time.

God bless

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Jessica said...

Glad to hear the Doc is on it, Will! We are thinking about you...
Have a wonderful day,