Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sat. Sept 27, 2008 12:55 am

Haven't heard anything new on Tanya, we still need our prayer warriors to be praying for her. We need her to keep fighting and we don't want any more "bumps" in the road. I want to thank those who went to her blog and left her encouraging messages. Those do help so much. If you want to still do that, I know she can use lifting up. The blog before this one has her blog spot on it. Please leave her a message. She's a tough little fighter but it will help her to know how many people care about her. I know it did for Will. Thank you so much.

Will didn't have a good day although he had a great visit with his buddy, Coach. He came up about noon and left late afternoon sometime. I got up here about 7:00 and Will was looking so tired. He told me he had been throwing up much more than he has been. Darn, I wish he could just get over that issue. I will talk to the doctor tomorrow and see why she thinks he's a little worse. I will let you all know.

They did get off 2 1/2 liters today and then he has dialysis again tomorrow so I don't know how much he will be able to walk. But even if he doesn't walk, I will try to talk him into taking a wheelchair ride outside for a little bit. It should be a beautiful day tomorrow. I hope all of you get to enjoy the day with your loved ones too.

Tom is home enjoying his horse and his family and friends, probably in that order too. Angel and Aaron are enjoying their time with Candace in Boise. Tom and I passes each other on the freeway again this weekend. We just talk to each other on the phone and then wave when we see each other. Isn't that cute???

Share a smile with someone who needs it. God bless


Culley's said...

Will, looks like you'll need to try the saltine cracker route. Those of us that have been pregnant lived on saltine crackers to reduce the acid/upset stomach.
I myself went to work with saltine crackers. They are probably not on your diet though. Well we will be praying that your stomach calms down & what needs healed to heal. Do not get discouraged-they will figure this out. Start your day trying to think of something funny-the endorphins from smiling & laughter are supposed to be very healing-so they say. Please know we are sending you our prayers. The power of prayer is an amazing thing.

Christi said...

Who doesn't need a smile? Will, check your phone. I left you a message. Whoa! That sounded bossy?! Oh well, do it anyway, k? Love you