Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sept. 10, 2008 Wednesday 1:28 am

Tom said Will had a much better day. (Tom is feeling much, much better also) Yea! Will woke up and found that he had to go back downstairs for another procedure to put in another PICC line (central IV line) because this one wasn't working again. We just had that one put in about two weeks ago. Well, anyway they had to take him down to the imaging room so they can see when they thread the wire up to his heart from his upper arm. Things are working just fine now. We haven't heard from any of the tests from yesterday, it's still ealy yet. We don't want to find anything and yet we need to find something that is causing all these problems.

Will did walk today just past the double doors. He slept a lot because of the procedure but he stayed off the vent for most of the day. That's so good. When I talked to him tonight, Grandma Cherie had been rubbing his feet for most of the night. I call him and then they put him on speaker so he can hear me and then Tom or Grandma can read his lips and he can answer my questions. Grandma and Grandpa got there this afternoon and they will stay for a few days to entertain Will. If you people know my dad, he's pretty entertaining, even when he's not trying.

Many of you have been sending me emails to forward on to Will. I really, really appreciate them. He could use them right about now and it's very sweet of you all to do that for him. It will help lift his spirits. Some are very funny stories which he will appreciate. God has blessed Will with so many good people in his life. Your acts of kindness for our family is wonderful. Remember if you don't want to put them on the blog, you can send them to my email at

God bless all of you and smile today. It's a wonderful day to be alive.

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Jen Holtzen said...

I've been praying hard that these tests will answer the question. An answer can be addressed, the not knowing is so hard!! Hope you get a few more great foot (feet) rubs from your Grandma, Will. I would totally be taking advantage of that! Can't wait to read tomorrow and see the good news from the tests! Scott, Jen, Traj, Ryk, and Dax