Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 31 2008 Sunday 12:35 am

It is so good being up here with Will this weekend. First he took a walk and walked clear down the hall with only two stops. then he had his dialysis (remember, Will gets dialysis four times a week now). They wanted to take off a couple of liters but he got .8 liter off and his blood pressure went down to 68/29. That's really, really low if you don't know that already. So then they had to put the fluids back on. But at least they got the toxins out of his body. That's good and makes him feel better. Tomorrow he might walk even farther. He sat in a chair for an hour. He did stay off his vent for about 8 hours. This was the first time he felt like staying off his vent during dialysis. Making progress here.

My Aunt Gloria sent up some fresh peaches and plums to the nurses to thank them for taking such good care of her nephew. They loved them and already the bucket is gone. We are making good brownie points though. I should have brought up some Hagerman watermelons for everyone. Then we really would be the best patient and family this unit has seen :)

We visited most of the day and then listened to the news about the hurricane ready to slam in New Orleans again. We need to focus our prayers for those poor people that are uprooted from their homes again. (don't you just wonder why people live there????) I hope God keeps them safe and gets them home soon. You can tell Will was getting lonely because he even asked me to tell him about my class. So if any of you out there have some news, send it on this way and I can relay it to Will. I should have a few pictures of Grandpa Tom taking Candace to her first rodeo. He's in seventh heaven.

Enjoy your Sunday and God bless


Christi said...

I have some good news. I finally beat spider solitaire (advanced level)! Its been like a year and a half since I beat it. I hesitated telling you (and, subsequently all of the blog followers)because beating solitaire (did I mention it was on a Friday night?) isn't really something I should be shouting from the rooftops...for obvious reasons. The fact that I was soooo excited makes it even a bit more pathetic. But because you asked for some good news, I was willing to humiliate myself to provide it. Don't ever say I never gave ya anything.

Katie Lardy said...

Hi Harbisons!
I hope you have a great Sunday today. Glad you can all be together.

Will, my only news this week is that my belly is getting REALLY big! Baby is 26 weeks now and I have been able to feel kicking and moving for about 3 weeks; which is such an amazing feeling. We are still going to wait and won't find out the gender until the little one is born. Oh the anticipation!

Keep up the great work walking and staying off the vent.
We send all of our love and prayers to you. Katie, Paul, & baby.

Karen Atwood said...

I saw Tom, Angel, Aaron and Candace at the rodeo last night and they all seemed to be having a great time.
Chris, since you gave me such a bad time last time you were here because I couldn't beat spider solitaire, I can't really feel too sorry for you even if you were home on a Friday night!
Hope things are going better. You didn't mention the stomach problems, so I hope that means Will's stomach is better.
I really don't have any exciting news unless you think cleaning out my closet is exciting. So, Christi, if you get too bored playing solitaire, you could always come help me clean closets!
I hope your weekend together is a great one. Love you!