Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sept. 21, 2008 Sunday

Will worked so hard today. He walked all the way around the unit again and then one more step. I told Tom I would beat his best time with Will and I did. He stayed off the vent for most of the day also. Dr. Cahill came in and apologized for not being by yesterday. There were a few emergencies she had to take care of.

Tanya is doing great and thanks for all the emails checking on her. She is still on the vent because she is still requiring more oxygen. She is sitting up in a chair and Dr. Cahill is very pleased with what she's doing. Dr. Cahill told Will that she would like to have Will go down and see Tanya sometime this week. That would be so great. I wasn't able to see her this weekend because I have got a little cold I think. I'm not taking any chances with Will either. I'm wearing a mask the whole time I'm in his room and I'm sanitizing my hands every two or three minutes.

Tom went to a Jerome girls' volleyball game today since he's home. He saw a few of Will's "girls" and they sent Will messages. What a great bunch. Tom spent some time with his brothers and then most the time he spent with his horse. (Just teasing) He's going to church with Angel and Aaron tomorrow and then he's heading back up here.

Sunday evening Danny is coming up here to watch the Cowboys game with Will. That will be a lot better play-by-play for Will. So Go Dallas!!

We still need prayers for Tanya and her recovery. Thanks

Have a great Sunday and God bless.

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