Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sept. 8, 2008 Monday 12:50 am

I can't remember if I told the blog that I took Monday off so I can stay in SLC for the procedures that they are doing on Will this morning. He's having a colonoscopy and an endoscope done. They said they will do that first thing in the morning. Well, it's hospital time so who knows when it will happen. They turned his tube feeds off at 6 tonight and then they give him a lot of stuff which cleans all his intestines out. They will take a little camera and check his intestines and bowels. When that procedure is done, then they will go down the throat and check out the stomach real good with a little camera. (Not the same one LOL) Maybe after all that, the drs. will have some answers for us.

He had a better day on Sunday. He visited with Angel all morning and they played cards. We got him some that are for visually challenged. He can see them if he holds them just right. It was great to watch him play a game. We took him outside just for a few minutes because he wasn't feeling well. Angel and Will were teasing each other and it was so good to see. That's the old Will.

Then Danny came up and watched the first Dallas Cowboys game with Will. For some reason, Danny's play by play is so much better than mine. ???? Cowboys won---GO DALLAS
Then they played a game of cribbage. Will used to play that all the time. He really enjoyed that even though Danny won. It's been a long time since Will has had to use his brain like that. So all the company really helped get his attitude adjusted. I hope he holds on to that through the week coming up.

It depends on what the drs. find out with the procedures, but I should be going back to Hagerman tomorrow night. Grandma Cherie is coming up on Tuesday for a few days to help out again. That will be so good.

Today please we need prayers that some of the questions that need answered about Will's stomach problems will be answered. We have faith in God's timing so I pray that God is ready to help the doctors get something going here. I will tell everyone how the tests went. The drs. said that after he will sleep most of the day away. He also has dialysis today.

Take care everyone and God bless.

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Somer Love said...

sending lots of positive energy and prayers for the tests!!!

Cowboys Will are you kidding me???

Glad to know there will be 2 cameras involved today Terri you're funnY :)