Thursday, October 30, 2008


I hope everyone has their costume ready. What a great day for make-believe.

We don't have kids on Friday because of parent-teacher's conferences so I miss all the costumes and the parties. I am really hoping I get to see some kids at the hospital. We will see, and I have my camera ready just in case.

Will has had such a better day. I told Tom that is wonderful, way to go. Then I get up there and he doesn't do so great and Tom thinks it's me. So pray for Will because Mom is coming up to Boise as soon as my last Parent-teacher's conference is finished. I didn't go up this week so it seems like forever since I have been there. I hope there is a big change and there is a lot less pain for him.

Will has taken several walks today and has been off the vent 9 hours. He rode the bike for about three minutes. The doctor came in today and told Will what a great job he's doing even working through the pain. That's Will

If I get any pictures, I will share them with all of you. Take care and have a very, very safe Halloween.

God bless


Coach said...

Will, I always pray for you when your Mother is there. I pray twice as hard when Donna is with her because you and I know what they are doing when they leave us at the hospital. I think we may need to check both of them into rehab. We can ask Ms. Gregg where to send them since she has been in several over the years. She may still be in one I'm not sure. I'm afraid she may drag Pam in with her since she moved to Boise.
Great job yesterday !!!! I know how hard it is for you but you are the one person I know that can push yourself to reach your goal of going home.
I hope your weekend goes well.
I'll see you on Wed.

Nichole Rammell said...

Will you road a bike for 3 min. !! You must not be feeling good!! Just kidding Im glad you are starting to feel a little better. Your in our heart and prayers. Tonight for Halloween I get to get Anna, Aubrien and Alyssa all dressed up for Halloween. Anna is being a Monster bride, Aubrie is being a regular bride because she wanted to be like her aunt cami getting married and all. Alyssa is being a spider bride. I cant wait. I will tell nichole to send you some pictures of them. I hope you have a great day!!
Love Camille (Cooper)!!

Lthsldy said...

Will, be rest assured that I am just fine and have not been corrupted by Ms. Gregg. I haven't been in a group since I left Hagerman. However, if Donna, Terri, Linette, and I go out together one of these days, watch out!!! That should be enough to get you up and out of Boise for sure. (Wait did I just take a pot shot at myself! I couldn't imagine better company. Let's do it soon.)

To Coach: Thanks for the concern over my welfare. I'm touched. (You all saw it here--in writing, folks!)

Have a great day, Will. I know you can do it.


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween!
Keep up the great work Will... glad to see you are keeping everyone together like the good old days!
Can't wait to come home so that I can come see you.
Terri, check out the blog soon, I'll get the kids Halloween pictures up tomorrow. Already made some changes.
Here is my school website as well...
Please pass it on to Angel!
Love ya lots,