Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oct 26, 2008 Sunday 12:12 am

Will's had a full day of visiting. First came Grandma and Grandpa Atwood, they never miss a day. Then there was Cali to visit her Uncle Will. She is Curtis' and Jen's little one. She is already in second grade. I told her she would have to make Will a pumpkin. She's going to come up and visit on Halloween with her costume. Will's got his candy all ready.

Then Uncle Albert and Auntie came down from Hells Canyon on their Honda trike (that's why they are in the biker uniforms. It was a fun surprise. They left about 6:30 tonight and I bet they froze going back to the canyon, but I'm sure glad they were able to pop up-so was Will.
Then came Will's cousin Billie and her two kids, Kobe and Sadie. (Reminder-Kobe is Will's namesake). Will's Aunt Karen from Twin Falls is standing behind Billie. Little Sadie has no problem being in the hospital visiting Will. She was just talking to us about everything, and she made Will so many cute pictures. Notice the little figure in the peeking around the corner of the door---yup that's Patricia, our day nurse, hamming it up. She's so funny.

Will wasn't feeling too good today and he was in a lot of pain but you couldn't tell. His company made him feel better. This is why we are back in Idaho, right??? Will stayed off the vent 9 1/2 hours today and he sat up a couple of hours. So he is going in the right direction. Still haven't heard anything about the cultures.
I don't know what time Dallas plays tomorrow but I think Shannon is coming down again. I know Coach and Donna will be here around noon. It's been a couple of weeks since he's seen Coach but he had a little sore throat and didn't want to bring it up to Will so Coach stayed away until he was sure, sure, sure that he couldn't give Will anything.
It's so wonderful to be around friends and family, although our U of U people became friends and family to us and they will always be family. I hope everyone has a great Sunday.
God bless

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