Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday, Oct. 12, 2008 12:20 a.m.

Even on Saturdays they keep Will very, very busy. He sat in a chair for 1 1/2 hours and he was off the vent for about 4 hours today. He stood up three times and they worked his range of motion. He was so tired but he did it. He hasn't found his smile up here yet but I told the nurses it will probably be in another day or so.

He's looking forward to the Cowboys game tomorrow afternoon. Go Cowboys!!!

There is still just six patients here so he gets such good care. Our nurse was being so funny after she got him standing up she tried to get Will to dance with her (as she was singing), but Will didn't think it was so funny. Maybe because I was laughing so hard. He was looking forward to listening to the BSU game but he couldn't stay awake after the busy day.

Angel and Candace came up for a little while but Will was in the middle of stuff. So they didn't stay too long, just long enough to give Will a card that she made with some help from her cousins. Isn't she cute. She was so proud of herself.

We are still in quarantine but one of the tests came back negative so all we are waiting on is one more and then we can take of the gowns and gloves and come and go as we please. I think he's looking better than a few days ago. He doesn't seem to be throwing up as much.

It's going to be good.

God bless and have a great, great Sunday.


Erin Williams-Bryant said...

Hang in there Will! Sounds like you are in very good hands. The Class of 92' are all pulling for you!

Lthsldy said...

I gave a good report to the Amity UMC congregation this morning. They said their blessings to have you in their community. They figured the prayers would really work since we are in such close proximity. These people are amazing. When you are up to the visitors, I would like to introduce you and your family to Pastor Lisa. She is an incredible pastor who is really into healing. I know you would like her.

Again our prayers are with you. Let go; let God. This is a good move. Realize that we often have to do things that we don't like to make strides in our life.

Oh how I remember the early days of recovery for Dave's brother who had tramatic brain injury. He didn't want to do what he was told. Luckily the team at Good Samaratan wouldn't let him to that. They pushed and pushed (we thought he would be bed-ridden for the rest of his life). He now lives with another gentlemen and walks, talks, etc. There are miracles.

The road may not be as easy as we want it to be, but it will be worth it!!!

Love you

Christi said...