Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oct 30 Thursday 12:47 AM

Tomorrow is Halloween in case you forgot. You need to get the candy ready for the little goblins that will be coming around. I love to see all the costumes that parents come up with. Our school isn't having costumes because our parent-teacher conferences fall on Halloween so the kids won't be in school. I'm kind of sad about that, but on a good note, I get to go to Boise earlier than normal because of parent -teacher conferences. So, yea!

Will had to get up early for physical therapy this morning. They did get the dialysis to come in the afternoon so they can work with Will in the morning. I don't think he's too happy about that. He took a walk down the hall and then they put him in the wheel chair and had him roll himself back. That was tough because he weighs a lot more than he use to. Although today dialysis took off four liters, which is almost ten pounds.

His cousin, Christi, came up to see him this evening and stayed for a couple of hours. He really enjoyed that and then Coach and his dad, Sylvan, came up from Hagerman to visit. Grandma and Grandpa Atwood was over, of course, and Tom got away to eat some dinner.

The doctors are trying some new things today and hopefully they will start to work by tomorrow. The pain is beginning to lessen a little he said, but not by much. He just can't get comfortable. When the digestive system is all out of whack, nothing helps. The pain is pretty intense.

Many people have asked how my mom is doing. She is doing better and she is at her house now. We are relying on our friends and family to help take care of her. With conferences this week, I knew I wouldn't be around much. So thank all of you that have been taking her meals and just stopping by to visit. It takes a load off my mind.

So tomorrow will be a good day. I hope it will be a good day for everyone. I have conferences until late, I think my last one is at 7:30. Then half day on Friday.
Take care and God bless

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